Luxury Alpaca Duvet - All Season

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Take control of your sleeping environment with our most sumptuous and beautiful Luxury All Season duvets. 100% British wool & alpaca with 100% organic cotton.
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All natural and all luxurious...

Our exclusive Luxury British Alpaca wool duvets are the lightest and most sumptuous of our bedding range.The Luxury Alpaca range uses a blend of British Alpaca and Platinum certified British wool and wrapped in a 300 thread count organic cotton cover.

This bedding is proven scientifically to give you up to 25% more regenerative sleep by harnessing the natural thermoregulating properties of natural wool fibres, and what's more, as with all of our bedding the Luxury Alpaca range of duvets carries the Allergy UK Seal of Approval because of its hypoallergenic properties co you can be sure you'll get a better nights sleep.

All seasons duvets combine two different weight duvets giving you all year round comfort; one at a light-weight 200 gram per square metre (3-5 tog) and a medium-weight 300 gram per square metre (6-9 tog). When combined they create a 500 gsm (9-14 tog) warm duvet for the colder months with extra warmth.

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The Wool Room's range of wool bedding is the only proven natural hypoallergenic bedding option on the market. Scientific testing over a period of six weeks has shown that dust mites,cannot survive in wool which is why our range has been awarded the Allergy UK Seal of Approval. Great for those with asthma and allergies with no need to wash at 60 degrees or freeze your bedding to stay allergy free.

50/50 British wool & British Alpaca filling, 100% organic 300 thread count cotton outer.
DUVET 1: 200gsm (3-5 tog approx).
DUVET 2: 300gsm (6-9 tog approx).
COMBINED: 500gsm (11-14 tog approx).
No synthetic layer; filling is completely held in place by quilted stitch pattern.

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Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews

I have used this company on two occasions; the woollen bed items are of good quality and of course since they are for my grandson the fact they are allergy and fireproof is important. My recent duvet order was delivered to me by the next day; they are packaged well. On the last occasion, the item was delivered to my daughter, there was a query and the matter was resolved very quickly to our satisfaction. I would recommend both the goods and the service.
Sa Jarvis
the wool room
call us on 01780 461217
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