Luxury Alpaca Mattress Enhancer

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Add a layer of Luxury to your bed. Excellent comfort levels and all the benefits of our 100% natural British wool & alpaca fibre blend.
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Indulge yourself and get a rested sleep with our Luxury mattress enhancers

Luxuriously comfortable, beautifully finished suitable and for all seasons, our mattress enhancers will allow you to get the sleep benefits of wool all year round. We achieve superior comfort using 1000 grams per square inch of our unique 50/50 Alpaca and Platinum certified British wools in keeping with the rest of our Luxury Alpaca bedding range.

This enhancer is certified by Allergy UK as being ideal for allergy sufferers as it's proven to be almost 100% resistant to dust mites.

For sufferers of night sweats and restlessness you'll benefit from our wools natural thermoregulating properties and it's ability to wick away moisture much more effectively than traditional synthetic fibres or down filled products.

50% British alpaca + 50% British wool. 1000gsm. No synthetic layer

100% 300 thread count organic cotton

Dry clean only. Air and shake regularly.

Product depth
Approximately 3-4cm (1.5 inch).
Care Instructions

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Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews

I have used this company on two occasions; the woollen bed items are of good quality and of course since they are for my grandson the fact they are allergy and fireproof is important. My recent duvet order was delivered to me by the next day; they are packaged well. On the last occasion, the item was delivered to my daughter, there was a query and the matter was resolved very quickly to our satisfaction. I would recommend both the goods and the service.
Sa Jarvis
the wool room
call us on 01780 461217
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