Luxury Alpaca Pillow

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4.9 stars out of 5
Our most beautiful pillow giving superior comfort and rebound. Made with the same 100% British wool & alpaca blend as the rest of our Luxury bedding collection.
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Discover the benefits of our finest all natural, wool and alpaca pillows

Our Alpaca Luxury pillows are soft, sumptuous and, most importantly, promote an excellent nights sleep.

Filled with a 50/50 blend of alpaca and platinum certified British wools they are an excellent solution for allergy sufferers and restless sleepers.

Multiple Tensions
  • Soft Tension - The soft tension pillow is best suited to front/back sleepers, or those with particularly narrow shoulders
  • Medium Tension - The medium tension pillow is best suited to side sleepers, or those with slightly more broad shoulders
  • Firm Tension - The firm tension pillow is really quite firm, therefore is best suited to those who really do like a lot of support from their pillow
Our pillows are certified by Allergy UK as being almost 100% resistant to dust mites without the use of additional products or treatment and also benefit both asthma and eczema suffers.

Wool also helps against night sweats by aiding your body in temperature regulation and the ability to wick away moisture more effectively than synthetic fibres and traditional down fillings.

48x74cm (18.5"x29" approx.)

  • Soft tension: 700gsm of 50/50 British Wool/Alpaca Blend
  • Medium tension: 900gsm of 50/50 British Wool/Alpaca Blend
  • Firm tension: 1100gsm of 50/50 British Wool/Alpaca Blend
100% 300 thread count organic cotton. Quilted 300gsm. No synthetic layer

Inner pillow Dry clean only. Air and shake regularly. Outer quilted cover can be machine washed on a delicate cycle with suitable detergent.

Ideal for
Our alpaca bedding is beneficial for those who suffer night sweats, restless nights, asthma and allergies

When combined with an Alpaca Luxury duvet and mattress enhancer you will be able to achieve a deeper sleep; up to 25% more regenerative sleep! This is due to the unique properties of wool.

Need help choosing your ideal bedding? Call us on: +44 (0)1780 461217 or email us at:
Care Instructions

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Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews

Now have wool mattress protector and wool pillows, duvet next on the list. Extremely happy with both. The quality is excellent and wool helps provide restful sleep, no over heating and very comfy. Purchasing and delivery both fast and smooth. Love the calico bags each product comes in.
Steven Whitbread
the wool room
call us on 01780 461217
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