White Scarlet & Argent Lambswool Blanket

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Scarlet & Argent blankets are made in Britain using traditional methods used for over 230 years. Perfect for layering or replacing a heavy duvet in the summer.
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A truly traditional favourite...

Our Scarlet & Argent bed blankets are made in a traditional style in a mill that has made this style of blanket for over 230 years. These beautifully soft blankets are made with 100% Lambswool, perfect for layering up on chilly winter evenings or providing a lighter single layer for summer. Wool blankets will help keep you cool when it's hot and warm when it's not while being naturally hypoallergenic.

This lovely soft grey bed blanket looks stylish in a modern home, bringing a touch of nostalgia with a contemporary look. Finished traditionally with a sating binding, these blankets are large enough to tuck under the mattress or drape right down to the floor.


single: 180 x 255cm (70" x 100")
double: 230 x 255cm (91" x 100")
kingsize: 255 x 280cm (100" x 110")
superking: 280 x 305cm (110" x 120")


100% Lambswool


Dry Clean or Handwash with care using wool detergent

Ideal For

Our wool blankets areßideal for those who suffer night sweats, restless nights, asthma.

Made in UK
Care Instructions

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Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews

This bedding has changed my life. After a 3 year desensitising programme at the allergy clinic, emptying my bedroom of carpets and curtains, boil washing bedding twice a week, buying new pillows every month I now have a normal approach to bedroom life. I sleep better, don't have to set the alarm for 6.00am in order to take my decongestion tablets, anti histamines and sprays so that I can get up and go to work. The allergy clinic should be informed about the value of wool. I saw at least 3 different consultants who gave me loads of suggestions but not one mentioned wool bedding. Thank you
Denise Davies
the wool room
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