Wool Travel Cot Mattress Enhancer, 65 x 96cm

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Lambs wool enhancer for your baby's mattress. Promotes rested sleep by regulating temperature and drawing moisture away while they sleep.
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Sleeping like a baby...

We often consider what bedding our child has covering them while they sleep, but not the materials they are sleeping on top of. Since your baby needs plenty of rest in it's early years a machine washable wool mattress enhancer from The Wool Room is the perfect alternative to a topper or lambskin as it provides all the benefits and comfort, but fits snuggly to the mattress like a fitted sheet to help provide a healthier and happier night's sleep.

Synthetic materials can stop your baby's skin from breathing naturally, but scientific studies have shown that babies»sleeping»in»wool»bedding»and on top of wool fleeces sleep more soundly, gain weight faster and even cry significantly less. This is because a 100»percent natural wool mattress enhancer not only adds extra comfort thanks to a super soft 100»percent lambswool fleece layer, but more importantly»it helps to regulate the baby's temperature throughout the night thanks to the clever natural properties of wool fibres.

Our Babywool range is a great natural alternative for young ones with allergies and asthma as it's been awarded the Allergy UK Seal of Approval for resistance to dust mites, dust mite allergens and fungus. It's even a great choice for babies with eczema as it keeps your baby's skin comfortable and dry.

This product has been certified by Oeko-Tex Standard 100.
Care Instructions
Machine washable at 30 degrees on delicate or wool cycle. Line or air dry only, DO NOT TUMBLE DRY.

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Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews

Now have wool mattress protector and wool pillows, duvet next on the list. Extremely happy with both. The quality is excellent and wool helps provide restful sleep, no over heating and very comfy. Purchasing and delivery both fast and smooth. Love the calico bags each product comes in.
Steven Whitbread
the wool room
call us on 01780 461217
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