Wool Pillows

100% British and hypoallergenic. All Woolroom pillows are designed to regulate temperature and humidity to deliver healthy sleep. Choose from our standard tension Classic Wool pillow, adjustable tension and machine washable Deluxe Wool or Luxury Wool and Alpaca with washable outer covers.
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US Size Deluxe Washable Wool Pillow
20pc bedding Summer pink
US Size Deluxe Washable Wool Pillow
From $65.99 (was $82.49)
US Size Luxury Alpaca Organic Pillow
20pc bedding Summer pink
US Size Luxury Alpaca Organic Pillow
From $109.99 (was $136.99)
Extra Wool for Deluxe Pillows
20pc bedding Summer pink
Extra Wool for Deluxe Pillows
$16.49 (was $20.99)

Discover Better Sleep with a Wool Pillow

Your natural pillow – it’s as important for getting a good night’s sleep as your comforter. Wool pillows help you harness all the powers of this super-smart material to improve the quality of your sleep. Struggling to stay cool at night? Sleeping on a wool pillow will help you to stay cool. Often find that you just can’t keep warm? Wool pillows can keep you snug. The breathable nature of this material allows it to do both at once. What’s more, sleeping with wool bedding and a wool luxury pillow can help you to gain up to 25% more deep regenerative sleep – helping you to wake up feeling refreshed.

Here at Woolroom, our natural pillows are made from 100% British wool and come in standard and king-size pillow options. Our wool filled pillows are also the perfect partner to our selection of luxury wool comforters.

Allergy UK Approved Natural Pillows

Our Deluxe pillows have been approved by Allergy UK for their resistance to dust mites, dust mite allergens, mould and fungus. So you can sleep tight whether you’re an allergy sufferer, asthmatic, or simply like to know that your bedding is comfy and clean.

What’s more, our Deluxe Wool Pillows are completely adjustable, meaning you can tailor your pillows to your preference.

Luxury, Natural Pillows – Discover Soft, Soothing Alpaca

Looking for an even more luxurious pillow? Our alpaca pillows are our most supportive option. They’re available in medium and firm tensions, so you can find the natural pillow that’s just right for you. They also make the perfect partner to our organic alpaca comforters. For extra comfort, why not upgrade to an alpaca king size pillow? Our king size pillows are not only available in our alpaca selection, but in our Deluxe Wool Pillow collection too.

Find the Perfect Wool Filled Pillows for Your Bed

Choose from our selection of wool pillows to find your perfect fit:

Classic Pillow: Made from 100% British wool, our Classic range brings you the benefits of wool bedding at great value prices.
Deluxe Pillow: Made from 100% British wool and Allergy UK approved. What’s more, our Deluxe Wool Pillows are filled with wool balls, which allow you to adjust the firmness of the pillow by adding or removing wool balls from the stuffing and are machine washable. King size pillows are also available in this range.
Luxury Pillow: Made from a combination of British wool and alpaca, these are our softest, most supportive natural pillows. Choose from medium or firm tension. Our Luxury pillows are available in king size pillow sizes too.

Why Wool Pillows Are Better Than Goose Down

Looking for the best natural pillows? Trying to decide between goose down or wool pillows? There are many reasons to choose wool filled pillows over the other options. Just like goose down, wool-filled pillows are soft and supportive – but they’re also sustainable, breathable and give you all the moisture-controlling benefits of wool. Best of all, our wool pillows are made in a friendly, sustainable way that doesn’t hurt the sheep. Sheep usually get sheared once a year when the warmer months arrive – a bit like ditching your winter jacket until the colder months come round again. So next time you see a sheep, give it a wave – it might have provided the filling for your super comfy wool pillow!

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