Alpaca Wool Bedding

Experience your most sumptuous sleep with our alpaca bedding range. Luxury bedding, encased in a high thread count, unbleached organic cotton outer. Made with a blend of 100% British alpaca & wool fibres. Lighter and more luxurious than our Deluxe range but with all the same sleep-enhancing benefits.
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Luxury Alpaca Organic Duvet - Medium
Luxury Alpaca Organic Duvet - Medium
£80.00 (was £159.99)

Choose alpaca bedding for your most luxurious snooze

Enjoy all the sleep-enhancing benefits of wool with our softest, smoothest bedding. As well as being silkier than cashmere, alpaca boasts all the natural properties that make wool the perfect environment for sleep.

Both wool and alpaca are naturally thermo-regulating, meaning that they keep you warm when you’re cold, and cool when you’re hot. That’s why sleeping with alpaca bedding is the smart choice, helping to make night sweats a thing of the past.

100% British alpaca bedding

We firmly believe that British alpaca produces some of the finest fibre around. That’s why all our alpaca products are made from fibre which has been sourced exclusively in the UK. To make our luxury bedding range, we blend these alpaca fibres with the finest British wool to bring you bedding which is soft, silky and designed to enhance the quality of your sleep.

Alpaca duvets and pillows

Here at Woolroom, our luxury bedding range includes alpaca duvets in sizes from single to super king, and in a range of weights. Our premium alpaca pillows are available in medium and firm tensions, so you can pick the perfect level of padding to suit.

To increase your comfort levels even further, add an alpaca mattress topper. Our luxury mattress enhancer provides a padded layer between your mattress and your sheet, enveloping you in sleep-supporting wool above and below. Rest your head on one of our alpaca pillows to complete your luxury bedding and snooze in complete comfort.

Sleep easier in summer with a lightweight alpaca duvet

Our alpaca wool bedding range includes lighter duvets which are perfect for summer. They are also ideal for warm sleepers, or if you find the weight of a heavier duvet uncomfortable. Our light alpaca quilt is made with 200 grams per square metre of alpaca and wool blend. As with the rest of our luxury alpaca products range, it is encased in organic cotton for a natural sleep environment.

Discover the All Season alpaca wool duvet

Trying to decide which of our alpaca wool duvets is right for you? Consider our All Season option. Combining two alpaca quilts in one, the All Season duvet layers the lightweight and medium quilts together for the colder months. When it’s warmer, simply separate the two duvets and choose the one which best suits your preferred sleeping temperature. Quite possibly our most versatile alpaca quilt yet. Pair with our alpaca pillows for a perfectly luxurious bedding set.

Caring for your alpaca wool bedding

Our alpaca duvets and bedding sets are dry clean only, to keep them in good condition. To keep your alpaca duvet fresh and comfy, you should shake and air it regularly.

For machine washable duvets and pillows, take a look at our wool bedding sets.

Browse our full range of alpaca bedding and order your perfect sleep system online today.
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