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Double Wool Duvets

Clever double wool duvets that keep you warm when you’re cold and cool when you’re hot. How so? It’s the wonder of wool! All our wool duvets are filled with 100% British wool. That means they feature the thermo-regulating properties of wool that help you maintain a consistent sleeping temperature and get some well-earned shut eye.

Shop double wool duvets below for a better sleep, naturally.

Double duvets – cosy in winter and cool in summer

Picture this. A double duvet that keeps you cosy all winter long and keeps you cool throughout the summer months. That’s the magic of our double duvets.

Because they’re filled with wool, they contain the clever properties of wool too. That means that our double wool duvets draw moisture away from the body as you sleep, stopping that sticky, sweaty feeling when you’re too hot in bed. Plus, wool is a breathable insulator. So even when you’re a little chilly, wool works with your body to keep you warm (but not too warm!).

Hypoallergenic double duvets ideal for allergy symptoms

Because wool is proficient at wicking moisture away, it’s also excellent at keeping bacteria to a minimum. That’s why our double wool duvets are the ideal choice for those who experience allergy or asthmatic symptoms at night. The wool filling creates a clean environment that dust mites and bacteria simply can’t survive in, eliminating triggers that stop you from getting enough sleep.

Looking for a sleep solution? Try our wool double duvets

There are many factors that can stop us from getting a good night’s sleep – night sweats, allergies, or simply body temperature. Taking a simple step to improving your sleep environment can unlock a deeper, better quality night’s sleep. When you choose one of our double quilts filled with wool, you can solve a sleep issues that may have followed you around for years. In fact, it’s been proven that sleeping with wool can give you 25% more stage 4 sleep – the stage in which your body repairs itself. So, upon waking you feel refreshed and rejuvenated.

The best double duvet? It’s got to be wool.

Order from our double wool duvets and choose from three ranges: Classic British Wool, Chatsworth Washable British Wool or Organic Washable British Wool duvet.