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Winter Wool Duvets

Need to invest in a winter duvet? As the night’s draw in, there’s nothing better than a warm duvet for winter that you can just sink into. What’s the best winter duvet? One that not only insulates and feels luxuriously soft, but a duvet that breathes too. Check out our winter wool duvets in a range of sizes and weights to suit your sleep temperature.

What’s the best duvet filling for winter?

It’s got to be wool! Wool is an efficient thermo-regulator, that traps air to keep you warm. But unlike other types of duvet fillings such as synthetics, feather, and down that are pure insulators - wool has the ability to breathe too. Our winter weight duvets regulate your temperature as you sleep, so no matter the temperature, you’ll be at a comfortably snug temperature throughout the night.

The best winter duvets for allergy sufferers

As winter creeps in, it’s inevitable that you’ll have your windows open less and the heating on more. This tends to encourage more dust and less air circulation in the home which can play havoc with your allergy symptoms.

As common allergens such as dust mites, mold and spores tend to thrive in warm, damp environments your bedding during winter can become a hub for nasty critters. In fact, dust mites can very quickly colonise in synthetic duvets because they do not breathe, or wick moisture away. And as you can release up to a litre of moisture each night your warm, clammy bedding can quickly become an allergy sufferers worst nightmare!

But the great thing about wool is it’s a naturally clean and dry environment. So even when the heating clicks on, your winter duvet will remain free from dust mites and mold. Our winter wool duvets are effective at transporting moisture away from the body too. So if you’re prone to night sweats, or you’re generally a hot sleeper, you can rely on our winter weight duvets to keep you comfortably cool and dry.

Winter weight duvets: Which range?

Our winter duvets are available in a number of ranges, all of which are filled with wool and free from synthetics. Read more about our wool duvet ranges and decide which will work best for your winter duvet investment:

Classic range: Our basic duvet range. Filled with 100% wool and wrapped up in 100% cotton, and priced competitively if you want to try out wool bedding for the first time. For your winter duvet, we’d recommend choosing our Classic duvet in warm.

Chatsworth range: Our Chatsworth range offers the greatest variety of weights for your winter warmer. So you’ll find the warmest duvet for winter in the range as well as some lighter options if you tend to be a hot sleeper. Our Chatsworth range is made using 200 thread count unbleached cotton and filled with wool from hand selected breeds. Plus our Chatsworth range is machine washable.

Organic Washable range: Filled with wool and constructed with a 300 thread count organic cotton outer, our Organic Washable range is our most lavish. Choose the warm Organic Washable duvet for a winter weight duvet equivalent to 11-14 tog rating.

Shop our winter duvets and discover the insulating, yet breathable properties of wool.