Too hot to sleep? Tossing and turning, wondering how to sleep when it’s so hot outside? Whether it’s summer sleep problems that you’re battling with, or struggling to stay cool all-year round, get your hot sleeper issues sorted with the best ways to stay cool at night.

How to sleep in summer

Summer – temperatures rise, the sun comes out and generally people seem that little bit happier. But not if you’re a hot sleeper. Lying awake for hours trying to cool down is common among hot sleepers when the temperatures rise, but it can be avoided. Find out the best ways to stay cool while sleeping this summer.

Ways to keep cool in bed

If your body is warm, then your bedroom soon will be too. Stay cool at night by ensuring your body is the coolest it can be before you even set foot in the bedroom.
  • Cool pyjamas: Accommodate for the outside temperature with a cool pyjama set to regulate your temperature before you get into bed. Choose pyjamas or a nightie made from natural fibres such as cotton, merino wool or silk – all are more breathable than synthetic alternatives.
  • Avoid eating late night meals: Lighter meals are easier to metabolise before bed, so don’t force your body to digest large amounts of food, as this produces more energy and heat.
  • Drink water before bed: Tossing and turning at night can often be the result of dehydration. Stay hydrated by sipping water throughout the night.
  • Chill out your pulses: Still too hot to sleep? Splash cold water or use a cold compress on your wrists, neck, elbows and behind the knees to bring down your overall body temperature.
  • Cool down feet: Dunk your feet in cold water to instantly chill your body before bed – with pulse points all over them, cooling your feet will help you stay cooler for longer while you sleep.

How to make your bed cooler

Now your body is cool, it’s time to make sure your bed is too.
  • Remove decorative cushions: Any excess cushions or pillows you won’t need should be removed, as they will all trap in excess heat, making you hot at night.
  • Choose wool: Wool bedding is perfect for when the temperatures soar, as wool regulates your body temperature far more effectively than either polyester or feather/down-filled alternatives. It also helps to absorb moisture, reducing that clammy feeling you can get when you’re a hot sleeper.
  • Change your mattress: Choose a temperature-regulating mattress, and what better choice than wool? Wool mattresses boost deep sleep with thermo-regulating properties, designed for keeping you cool on summer nights, but equally warm come winter.
  • Hot water bottle: Why not reverse the classic hot water bottle when the temperatures rise? Fill with cold water and freeze to create a handy ice pack for bed.

How to make a room cooler

If that’s still not enough, you can make your room cooler too.
  • Windows open: Sleep with the windows open to stay cool at night. Using an electric fan is a good alternative if you suffer with pollen allergies or live on a busy street.
  • Preserve energy: Enjoy the natural light of summer – turn on your lights as late as possible, as light bulbs give off extra heat which can heat up a room.
  • Unplug your electrics: Energy from electrics gives off heat, so unplug your charger and grab a book for some before-bed reading instead. This has the added benefit of helping you to relax into sleep sooner, as you avoid the sleep-disrupting blue light emitted by many electronic devices.

Hot at night all year round?

Summer sleep isn’t the only problem for some people. You may find that you struggle to stay cool at night all year round. Being a hot sleeper can mean a number of things, such as suffering from night sweats or simply choosing the wrong mattress or bedding.

Tick off our checklist of ways to keep cool in bed by regulating your body temperature and ensuring your bed and room are as cool as possible.

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