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Doctor Christian Jessen's Top Ten Tips for a Good Night's Sleep

Dr. Christian's Top Ten Tips for a good night's sleep

Dr Christian is an advocate of sleeping with wool, providing The Wool Room exclusively with his top tips to getting a good night's sleep:

Doctor Christian's Top Ten Tips for a Good Night's Sleep...

Wool is no doubt the ideal type of bedding to sleep with. The benefits include reducing the symptoms of indoor allergies and helping to regulate your body temperature, ensuring a good night's sleep is had.

  1. Sleeping with wool bedding is the best way to reduce symptoms of skin and respiratory allergies
  2. Sleep with wool because it will absorb the 1 litre of water that the average person perspires every night and then desorb naturally back to it's normal state during the day. Synthetic, feather and down bedding also trap moisture, thereby creating the right environment for the food source of house dust mites. Moisture trapped in your bedding can also cause you to overheat in bed
  3. If you're going through that 'time of life', ladies, sleeping with wool will help with hot flushes, as wool helps to regulate your body temperature. Similarly, if you're pregnant and hot at night, sleep with wool
  4. Ensure you're well hydrated before you go to sleep
  5. Don't have any caffeine after 6pm if you want a good night's sleep
  6. Turn your smart phone and tablet off an hour before you go to sleep. Technology and sleep don't mix
  7. Try reading a book before sleep
  8. Ensure there's good ventilation in your bedroom
  9. Reduce the amount of light in your room. If you can, invest in black out blinds
  10. If you're a light sleeper, invest in some good ear plugs to cancel out any annoying sounds that might disturb your sleep

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