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We often consider the air quality outside where we can see pollution happening in real-time from vehicles and factories. But air pollution is much more than that, we must be aware of indoor air pollution inside our homes. Indoor air pollution has been a growing concern since the 1970s, as our home insulation improves we trap more air inside our living spaces and have less clean fresh air flowing through our living environments.


VOC stands for 'Volatile Organic Compound', and as the name suggests, they're not great for our health. The reason these chemicals are so dangerous in our homes is that VOCs have a very low boiling point, for example: formaldehyde evaporates at around –19 °C, which means at normal room temperatures VOCs are in a gaseous state and large numbers of molecules evaporate into the air. VOCs can be naturally occurring or man-made and are found in car exhausts, paints, glues, varnishes, cleaning products, detergents and aerosol sprays.


Most VOCs aren't an immediate threat to your health, and these days there are regulations in place in most countries to ensure we are not exposed to the most harmful chemicals. However the real threat comes from the slow but steady build up of VOCs over time. If you've ever heard of 'Sick Building Syndrome', VOCs are a major contributor to that as well as many allergies. Some VOCs are proven carcinogens (cancer causing) and can increase your risk of developing health problems over time.


There are lots of things you can do to help reduce the build up of VOCs in your home. You can ensure your indoor environment is well aerated, open all the windows frequently to let in fresh air. You can be a conscious consumer, make yourself aware of which products might contain VOCs and look for VOC-free alternatives on the market instead. But our favorite method is to use more WOOL in your home!


That's right! Wool can actually clean the air in your home, absorbing VOCs into it's fibre structure! Researchers found that adding something as simple as a wool carpet to a room with a high concentration of formaldehyde vapor reduced the harmful VOC to 0% in just 4 hours!! What's even more amazing is that wool holds VOCs in it's structure and they cannot diffuse back out, they are bound chemically and so the dangerous side effects are eliminated. Wool also speedily absorbed nitrogen dioxide and sulphur dioxide during the tests.


Not to worry, there are hundreds of interiors products made from our favourite fibre available today, and wool has come a long long way since the days of the itchy school jumper! Wool carpets and rugs not only stand the test of time, but come in beautiful colours and varieties, they're stain resistant and can last up to 60 years with good care (think about the last time you visited a historic stately home - all wool!). Wool curtains are a great option as are wool covered furnishings, such as chairs and sofas, which also benefit majorly from being naturally flame retardant. Finally we come to our speciality - wool bedding! We have 100% British wool duvets, toppers, pillows and blankets for your beds. We even have wool filled beds and mattresses. We think it's especially important to be VOC-free in your bedroom, you'll spend a third of your life in your bedroom, it's really important that it's a clean and healthy environment, free of all these invisible toxins. On top of that we can add that wool bedding helps regulate your temperature, is dust mite free, hypoallergenic and made from a renewable, natural and biodegradable resource. Take a look at our bedding sets for the ideal VOC-busting bedding and our beds & mattresses for your ideal future bed!


This relatively new discovery is sending shock-waves through the scientific community - this amazing natural fibre can perform in ways that we've been trying to mirror with man-made products for decades, the answer was sitting quietly out on the local farm. Choose wool for your home and live a healthier, happier lifestyle.

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