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Woolroom Named in Telegraph’s Best Duvets List

Woolroom’s luxury all-season duvet has been named one of the Telegraph’s six top duvets. We’re delighted to reveal that our alpaca all-season option scored 9/10 for its versatility and natural materials.


What makes a top duvet?

Want to get the best night’s sleep? The Telegraph’s brand new duvet guide emphasises the importance of understanding the different types of duvets available, before you choose the right one for you.

While choosing a duvet might seem simple, there are an array of different options out there – from synthetic fillings to all-natural alternatives – designed to suit a whole range of sleeping styles.

So what should you be looking for in a top duvet? The first thing is to make sure it suits the way you sleep – after all, while some people struggle to get warm at night, others can be hot sleepers, even when the temperatures plummet outside. The best duvet for you will be one that accommodates your sleeping temperature.

That’s where wool comes in – this fibre is naturally breathable, meaning that it keeps you cool when you’re hot and warm when you’re not. This makes it perfect for couples with different sleeping temperatures or if you’re not sure what level of duvet will suit you best.

Naturally, our luxury all-season alpaca duvet offers all the benefits of a wool filling. But that’s not all. The other reason it made the Telegraph’s best duvets list? It’s actually more than just one duvet – it’s two!

The lightweight and medium-weight duvets clip together to create a single winter weight duvet, or they can be unclipped and used separately. That’s three different weight options to suit your sleeping style at different times of the year – making it the ideal option for indecisive sleepers.

Looking for pillows and a mattress topper to combine with your alpaca duvet? Shop our full luxury bedding range today.

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