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Natural Latex and Wool Pillow

It is like nothing you've seen before, our Latex and Wool Pillow combines the resilience and support of latex and the soft cooling temperature regulating properties of the quilted wool and organic cotton outer – you really do have the best of both and the ultimate in comfort!

What's in Our Latex Pillow?

Our latex pillow is your ticket to sweet dreams and a serener slumber. It's made from Talalay natural latex, which is sourced from Hevea brasiliensis trees (more commonly known as rubber trees) located in FSC-certified forests in Asia.

It comes straight from the tubes of latex that grow around the bark of the tree. So, unlike other brands, which use a combination of natural latex and synthetic latex (derived from oil), ours is made from a material that's entirely natural.

The natural latex is then combined with graphite to ensure it meets UK Flammability regulations. There are no toxic chemicals used in the manufacturing process - we want bedtimes to be totally free from worry.

Each pillow is made individually in a mould, where it's expanded through a vacuum, flash frozen and 'baked' to form the best latex pillow and the secret to a good night's sleep.

The process creates a pillow that: offers greater pressure relief and spinal alignment through its elasticity; is hypoallergenic and anti-bacterial - perfect if you have allergies; has better breathability - allowing heat and moisture to escape to reduce night sweats..

Once the pillows are made, we wash, dry and rigorously check and test them to ensure each one meets our high standards. We then give them that all-important finishing touch. When combined with our washable, organic quilted wool cover, it's ready to help you create that tranquil sleep sanctuary.

How to Wash Latex Pillows

Our latex pillow shouldn't need washing as it it antibacterial. The best way to wash your latex pillow is by periodically handwashing in lukewarm water before allowing it to air dry. It should never go in the washing machine or tumble dryer, and it should never be ironed.

You can clean the organic, quilted wool pillow case by removing it from the pillow and machine washing it on a wool cycle.

How Long do Latex Pillows Last?

One of the biggest benefits of natural latex pillows is that they're durable – consistently bouncing back to their original shape and a feature that allows them to provide years' worth of use.

Are Latex Pillows Good for Neck Pain?

Yes, they're an excellent choice. Latex pillows offer great support in all the right places, particularly when it comes to spinal alignment. The elasticity allows them to adjust to the shape of your head, as well as your favoured sleep position.

So, whether you're a side sleeper, someone who sleeps on their stomach or a back sleeper, your neck will always get the sufficient amount of support it needs as you sleep.