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Luxury mattress: Pay monthly

All our mattresses have been designed with true comfort in mind. That means they support you as you sleep, contain no synthetics or allergens, and they truly regulate your temperature. We’re firm believers in using all natural materials where possible, as well as hand-crafted products that stand the test of time. But of course, a high-quality mattress does come at a cost. That’s why we want to provide you with a mattress pay monthly option.

How does the mattress on finance scheme work?

With our mattress pay monthly scheme, provided by Divido, all you have to do is choose the wool mattress that suits you and proceed to checkout. At checkout you’ll go through a finance check and be presented with a response in minutes. Then all you have to do is pay a 10% deposit, and choose whether you would like to pay over 6, 9, or 12 months. It couldn’t be simpler. Plus it’s interest free!

Why choose a mattress on finance?

All-natural for a healthier sleep
All our mattress are filled with wool – nature’s miracle material. We use wool because of its ability to regualte temperature. Many sleep problems stem from not being able to get your body temperature right. This may be due to night sweats, menopausal symptoms, certain medications or health conditions, or you may just be a hot sleeper. The great thing about wool is that whatever your issue, it will help you sustain a comfortable temperature througout the night. It effectively wicks away moisture, absorbs it and desorbs it back into the atmosphere leaving you feeling cool and comfortable. Plus it’s an effective insulator, so it keeps you cool when you’re too hot and warm when the cold hits.

Hypoallergenic wool fibres

A by-product of wool’s ability to thermo-regulate is its resistance to allergens. As wool wicks moisture away and stays fresh and dry, it deters allergens like dust mites from settling in your sleep environment. In fact, wool creates a hypoallergenic environment that is 99.9% dust mite free, helping keep your allergy symptoms at arms length.

Latest in pocket spring technology

It’s not just about the natural, wool filling either. We wanted to provide you with a qualtiy mattress on finance that is not only all-natural, but that supports you effectively as you sleep. That’s why we’ve gone the extra mile to provide you with the latest in pocket spring technology. With hand nested springs used in our mattress range, you’ll get increased support as each individual spring moves in response to your movements as you sleep. And the way that each spring responds individually means that your weight is more evenly distributed across the mattress, relieving strain on joints and pressure points that come into contact with your Woolroom mattress.

Buy a mattress on finance

Take advantage of an all-natural, wool mattress on finance and improve your sleep health dramatically.

Want to know more? Learn more about our interest free finance scheme before you buy.