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Wool Baby Blankets & Cushions

Baby blankets are recommended as layered bedding for newborns; duvets can be too warm. Wool blankets are especially good at this because of wool's natural ability to keep your baby at just the right temperature, much better than synthetic equivalents.

Wool Baby Blankets and Cushions - Less tears, more sleep and plenty of comfort!

At woolroom we sell a variety of wonderfully soft and cosy natural wool baby blankets and cushions.

Baby blankets - comfortable and skin friendly

So why buy wool baby cushions and blankets from woolroom? All of our baby cushions and blankets are made from the finest merino wool to make sure baby stays comfortable.
These naturally hypoallergenic products are great for your baby's sensitive skin and will really brighten up a nursery.
Thanks to wool's built-in 'climate control', they're also great at regulating baby's temperature, so your bundle of joy won't overheat at night.

Why wool baby blankets beat synthetic fibres

Wool blankets boast some magical characteristics that make them far superior to anything synthetic. Wool is wonderfully soft and gentle on your baby's skin, and unlike synthetic baby blankets, wool is naturally hypoallergenic.
What's more, it helps your baby sleep better (thanks to wool bedding's natural ability to improve your little one's stage four regenerative sleep by up to 25%) and it's also naturally flame retardant.

Baby cushions

We sell a selection of pink and blue baby cushions in a number of different patterns.
Our British wool baby blankets and cushions make the perfect addition to any baby's room and also make wonderful gifts.

View our great range of wool baby blankets and wool cushions for sale now.