5 Reasons to Improve Your Sleep

Planning your New Year’s resolutions? Have you considered sleep? Simply put, if you want to achieve your goals, whatever they may be, then sleep matters. Here’re just a few of the reasons why, plus some resources to help you improve sleep quality for the year ahead.

1. Your New Year’s resolution is to get fitter

Did you know that getting more stage 4 regenerative sleep can help you to wake up feeling more refreshed? Feeling more energised should help you to get up earlier – and to have the energy you need to tackle that early morning workout routine. So whether it’s a mind and body balancing Pilates session or a high octane aerobic routine, making the effort to improve sleep quality is your key to a fitter, healthier you.

2. Your New Year’s resolution is to get that promotion

If promotion is on your wishlist, then improving your sleep quality should be too. With better quality sleep comes an increased ability to focus, not to mention improved energy levels. So while co-workers succumb to the mid-afternoon energy slump, you can maintain your productivity levels – and show why you’re ready to move up to the next rung on the career ladder.

3. Your New Year’s resolution is to be more creative

Whether your New Year’s resolution is to write a novel, improve your piano playing or master the art of photography, getting a better night’s shut-eye can help. Sleep and creativity have long been connected, but it’s about more than just the imaginary wanderings of our dreams.

Studies have shown that sleep plays an important role in building remote associations – the kind of imaginative connections that are central to originality and creativity. In particular, our ability to spot these kinds of connections is especially strong in the minutes and hours after waking. So if your New Year’s resolutions are related to creativity, scheduling your activity around your waking time could be the key to success.

4. Your New Year’s resolution is to master mindfulness

It goes without saying that stress can seriously affect our sleep. What’s more, tiredness and sleep deprivation can increase our stress levels, resulting in a vicious circle that can be difficult to escape. But if improving your emotional wellbeing is high on your agenda this year, improving your sleeping routine is likely to be crucial to achieving your goal. (And of course, improving your mental and emotional wellbeing will also help with sleep.)

After all, getting high quality sleep on a regular basis will help you to wake feeling energised, reinvigorated and better able to tackle the day’s challenges head-on. With more energy, you may even want to start the day with a short yoga routine, further helping you to harness your sense of inner calm.
  5. Your New Year’s resolution is to spend more quality time with family
Better quality sleep means higher energy levels – which should make running round after the grandchildren a breeze. What better reason to improve your sleep?

How to improve your sleep

Ready to improve your sleep and reap the rewards? Take a look at the useful links below to help you sleep better:
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