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How to Give the Gift of Sleep this Season

One thing that’s undoubtedly on everyone’s wish list this year? A good night’s sleep. All wrapped up in a squishy duvet with a set of super-soft pillows. Help your loved ones relax and drift off with a full night’s sleep with comforting gifts and practical presents that will leave them feeling refreshed and appreciated this festive season. Here’s how to give the gift of sleep to everyone this Christmas.

The gift of sleep for the little ones

Comforting soft toys
It’s cute, cuddly and all-round charming gift for baby, but did you know that a teddy can help your little one drift off to sleep? Once baby reaches six months old they will begin to become more aware of their separation from you at bedtime. So a familiar object such as a soft toy can give them a sense of security as they settle down to sleep. Before putting the toy into the cot, keep it close by as you give them their last feed of the day. It will begin to act as a sign that it’s bedtime and will also retain your scent. As babies have a strong sense of smell, your scent on the teddy will help calm them if they wake in the middle of the night.
Sleep-enhancing, natural bedding

Perfect for older babies and toddlers. Gift a wool baby bedding set this season, and help baby experience a safe and cosy sleep through the night. Wool bedding is friendly to sensitive skin and hypoallergenic too. It’s also great at regulating baby’s temperature naturally. Because babies and young children are not yet able to self-regulate their own body temperature, a wool duvet, pillow and protector set can help them to avoid overheating at night, leaving them comfy enough to get settled to sleep.

Our baby wool bedding sets are suitable for babies from 12 months and up. For younger babies, use a baby sleeping bag for safe sleeping.

Help busy parents sleep better

Babysitting vouchers

It goes without saying that parents of young babies will be eternally grateful if you can give gifts that will help baby sleep soundly. But why not give the gift of sleep to tired-out parents too? Consider offering parents overnight babysitting vouchers so that they can spend an evening relaxing and enjoy a long lie-in. An evening spent without having to worry about the kids will help Mum and Dad relax and sink into a deep sleep, even if it’s just for one night.
Luxury duvet and pillows

While parents are concentrating on buying gifts for the children, you could help them get more sleep with a brand new luxury wool duvet and pillows. If you know they struggle to get comfortable in bed, get far too hot or have trouble staying warm as the temperature drops, a wool bedding set will be the perfect gift to give this season. The natural fibres of wool bedding act as a miracle material – helping to regulate body temperature much more effectively than synthetic fibres. As well as keeping you warm when it’s cold and cool when it’s hot, wool bedding is also breathable, wicking moisture away from the body to help tired parents stay comfortable in bed and sleep better.

Help grandparents get enough sleep too

Super-soft mattress topper

Is Grandad experiencing back pain in the morning? Or does Grandma get joint pain? Their comfort in bed is paramount to better sleep quality through the night. And a thoughtful way of showing you care this festive season could be with a luxury mattress topper that will offer them extra support and, ultimately, the gift of sleep. Why choose a wool mattress topper? The combination of super-soft wool and an additional supportive layer will help grandparents sink into their bed, easing pressure on joints and alleviating pains.
Yoga Classes

Gentle exercise and meditation can act as a natural sleep aid for grandparents who experience restless nights. Give the gift of sleep with a beginners’ yoga class that will help them to ease stress and increase relaxation levels to help them sink into a better sleep. Some meditation exercises can then be used at home, helping to slow breathing down and create a more relaxed state before drifting off to sleep.

Help your friends and family improve their health and ease everyday stresses, with the gift of sleep. Browse our wool bedding range for more gift inspiration.

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