5 Reasons Why You Should Switch to Chemical Free Bedding

5 Reasons Why You Should Switch to Chemical Free Bedding

Have you ever considered there might be toxins or chemicals lurking in your bedding? If you sleep with synthetic bedding then it’s likely there are. Here are five reasons why it might be time to kick chemicals out of your bedroom – and sleep easy.

Why does synthetic bedding contain chemicals?

Many items of bedding including sheets, comforters and mattresses are made using chemicals. A large part of the reason for this is cost. Chemicals can be used to create ‘wrinkle free’ or ‘easy care’ bedding items, while mattresses are often treated to make them flame retardant, stain resistant or water resistant. The good news is, it doesn’t have to be this way. We take a look at the reasons why you might want to make the switch to chemical free bedding – and how to find it.

1. Say goodbye to sleep issues like insomnia A less toxic sleep environment can mean better quality sleep. Vapors from chemicals such as formaldehyde have been found to cause insomnia as well as a host of other side effects that could be stopping you from sleeping. Choosing a chemical free comforter and pillows is one way to reduce the level of these toxic chemicals in your bedroom, so you can sleep easier.

2. Cleaner air reduces breathing issues It’s not just that these toxins are in your bedding, it’s the fact that they are known to break down into VOCs (also known as volatile organic compounds) which can leach into the air in unknown quantities. These chemical vapors can cause itchy, runny eyes and respiratory problems, including irritating asthma symptoms. So if you often wake in the night coughing or sneezing, this could be one reason why.

After all, you spend around a third of every day in bed, breathing deeply. So it’s worth thinking about what you are inhaling and taking steps to improve the indoor air quality in your bedroom.

3. Keep skin allergies at bay Synthetic fabrics often contain plastics and other chemicals that can be absorbed by the skin. These can cause allergic reactions due to phthalates, harsh perfumes and dyes.

While you can cover your body with clothes to avoid direct contact with your bedding, your face might spend up to a third of its life squished up against your pillow, particularly if you’re a stomach sleeper. By changing to a chemical free pillow you can reduce the contact your skin has with these toxins.

4. Protect growing brains and bodies

Children are especially vulnerable to chemicals. This is due to their growing bodies’ inability to eliminate toxins. As young babies spend a larger proportion of their time in bed, combined with the fact that the raised sides of cots can trap toxic gases, the risk is increased when compared to adults. Scientists have linked chemicals found in mattresses to SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome) across numerous research studies, making it particularly important to choose chemical free bedding for your baby.

5. Because no one knows the long-term consequences of low level chemical exposure One of the biggest problems is that there is very little scientific research into the long-term effects of low level chemical exposure. The extent of the risks and their likely effects depends on many factors such as how many toxins are escaping and in what quantities. One thing we do know: when it comes to something as important as your bedding, swapping synthetic bedding for all-natural alternatives is one way to reduce your exposure.

How to choose chemical free bedding

Your first step to finding chemical free bedding? Look for all-natural materials. As well as not containing any synthetic fibres, natural pillows, comforters and other bedding items are less likely to have been treated with chemicals.

For example, wool bedding items don’t need to have flame-retardant chemicals added because wool is naturally flame retardant. That said, you should always check before buying a product that it has been produced in a chemical-free way. For example, here at Woolroom we’re serious about keeping our products as natural as possible, so you can be confident that you’re buying a truly chemical free mattress topper, comforter or pillow.

But that’s not the only reason to choose wool bedding for your home. Did you know that the wool fibre has an amazing ability to absorb harmful VOCs? These are then locked into the wool fibres, stopping them from being released into the air you breathe. That’s some seriously smart bedding!

Ready to kick the chemicals out of your bedroom? Why not try our chemical free, natural wool bedding.

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