5 Reasons Why Summer Weight Comforters Should Be Made With Wool

People we speak to are often surprised when we tell them they should consider wool for their summer weight comforter and other summer bedding. They assume it gets hot, itchy and uncomfortable in warmer weather, causing even more tossing and turning and kicking-off of covers than usual.

In fact, this couldn’t be farther from the truth. That’s why we’d like to share 5 reasons why wool does make the best comforter for summer. So, we can debunk some of those common misconceptions.

1. To keep you cool on a warm night

Yes, you read that right! Wool doesn’t just keep you warm and snuggly when it’s cold. It also has incredible thermo-regulating properties that make sure that when the weather is warm, you won’t overheat. Wool fibers are naturally adapted to keep us at a steady temperature – they’ve evolved this way so that sheep don’t swelter when they’re roaming around a sunny mountainside. But we can use this trait to our advantage too, by using it to create summer bedding.

When choosing a summer comforter, you need to be sure it is breathable so that your excess body heat can naturally escape, helping you to stay at a constantly comfortable temperature. A summer wool weight comforter will help with this, allowing you to sleep better for longer. Even when the temperature rises.

2. To stop you feeling clammy in bed

When nights are warm, we find ourselves getting hot and sweaty, often tossing and turning and kicking off the covers only to get cold and pull them back over us again. All this interruption can play havoc with a night’s sleep. So, what can be done?

One of our favorite properties of wool is its ability to absorb moisture and then desorb it back out into the atmosphere. This means it can literally take sweat away from your skin and lock it up so neither you, nor your bedcovers, feel damp. This makes it by far the best comforter for summer if you find yourself lying awake feeling hot and sticky.

3. To limit humidity-loving allergens

You’ve probably read a fair bit about the health-risks of allergens in your bed and bedding. But did you know that the risks are even greater during the summer? This is because the molds and dust mites responsible thrive in damp, humid conditions. The kind of conditions that are far more prevalent in warmer weather.

This is where a summer weight wool comforter comes into its own. Because of wool fibers’ amazing ability to absorb and desorb moisture they create a very dry atmosphere, unlike many other summer comforter fillings. Mold and dust mites are much less able to survive in these arid conditions meaning a summer weight wool comforter will provide a healthier sleeping environment for your family.

4. To stop nighttime arguments over the comforter

It’s not uncommon to find that two people sharing a bed prefer different temperatures to sleep in. One may be a cold sleeper and the other a warm sleeper. At no time of the year does this cause as many arguments as in the summer months. Wool has the answer though.

Wool fibers manage the microclimate around them, allowing them to support each sleeper differently. While the wool fibers on the other side of your summer comforter are busy wicking away perspiration from your partner, those on your side could be creating an insulating layer to keep you snugly warm.

5. It’s light but not too light

Many people report that they are unable to sleep without the comforter, needing to feel that they’re ‘snuggling down’ into bed, even if it is not cold. And it’s been proven that the weight of covers on your body can create a feeling of calm and help you relax. A summer weight wool comforter is the perfect compromise as it will feel pleasantly lightweight, but not so light you don’t notice it.

If you’re looking for a summer weight comforter that will help you to stay relaxed and enjoy a good night’s sleep, consider wool. The facts speak for themselves. That’s why, we think wool makes the best summer weight comforter out there.

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