Baby Sheepskins

Baby sheepskins have been used for centuries because of their superb temperature and moisture control properties, as well as being supremely soft and comfortable. From sheepskin stroller liners to sheepskin bears, keep your little one content with our baby sheepskins. Shop our full range of baby sheepskins for your baby today.

Baby sheepskins – small on size, big on comfort

A baby sheepskin provides an extra level of comfort to your little one's life, helping to keep them relaxed whether on the go or settling down for sleep. Choose from sheepskin for baby cribs ideal for night-time and lambskin stroller liners and sheepskin stroller footmuffs for staying cozy outdoors too. Looking for cuddly toys made from all-natural materials? Available in two sizes, our sheepskin bears are an ideal little companion for your child.

Why choose a baby sheepskin?

A baby sheepskin offers all the benefits of wool – nature's "miracle fiber". That means supreme comfort, combined with temperature-regulating abilities that help your little one stay at a comfortable temperature while sleeping. The benefits of sleeping on sheepskin mean that your baby can get an undisturbed night sleep, free from allergens. What’s more, sheepskin bedding is a natural material meaning you can soothe your baby to sleep in a calming and chemical-free environment.

Combine with one of our natural crib mattress protectors for an extra layer of snooze-enhancing wool.

Baby sheepskins – gentle on sensitive skin

All our baby sheepskins are hypoallergenic, so you have the peace of mind that baby will feel comfortable sitting or lying down on them, day or night. In fact, our baby sheepskins are so cozy, you’ll be tempted to buy one for yourself too.

Why choose sheepskin for babies’ sensitive skin? Our British baby sheepskins are dust mite resistant and can even be machine washed, helping to keep baby’s sleeping environment fresh, clean and allergen free. That’s why our sheepskin crib liners and sheepskin stroller liners are ideal if your baby struggles with asthma or eczema at night.

Sheepskin stroller liners – for soothing sleep on the go

Our range of British baby sheepskins includes sheepskin stroller covers, liners and footmuffs, perfect for keeping baby comfortable while you’re out and about. In fact, our cozy baby sheepskin stroller liners are designed to fit in everything from car seats to strollers, so you can take the sleep-enhancing benefits of wool with you, wherever you go.

What’s more, you can enhance your baby’s comfort even further with a soft sheepskin footmuff. This sheepskin cocoon comes in several colors and provides a soft, soothing shield from the elements while you’re on the go.

Create a comfy sleep zone for your little one. Shop our wide selection of sheepskin for babies today. Our Baby Sheepskins’ range is part of our wider collection of wool baby bedding, so browse online and order sheepskin bedding for your baby today.