Baby Sleeping Bags

Babywool sleeping bags are certified naturally hypoallergenic by Allergy UK and also regulate humidity to maintain your little one’s temperature in warm or cool weather. The perfect solution for keeping little ones at a comfortable sleeping temperature, our wool baby sleeping bags remove the ability to kick off the covers, helping them sleep tight through the night xxx
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Our wool baby sleeping bags are made from 100% cotton and hand-selected British wool. Our wool baby sleeping bags will bring baby to the optimum sleeping temperature faster than conventional synthetic based sleeping bags.

To make sure we keep your little one comfortable during the night, our products have undergone testing at the University of Leeds, in UK, which has proved that wool will transport 25% more humidity throughout the night than the bestselling sleeping bags thus providing significantly enhanced heat regulation. Wool helps your baby manage their personal micro-climate, meaning they’ll be more comfortable at a more consistent temperature throughout the night.

Our wool sleeping bags are also perfect for keeping baby cozy and comfortable during nap times, delivering better sleep not only for baby but also for you!

As the only baby wool sleeping bag to hold the Allergy UK Seal of Approval, our wool baby sleeping bags are ideal for those concerned about dust mite allergies, asthma and eczema.

Find the right baby wool sleeping bag for your little one

We offer two size options of wool sleeping bags, which are designed for babies 0-6 months old and 6-18 months old.

Did you know that scientific research has shown that babies sleeping in wool wake fewer times, cry less, gain weight faster and are even noticeably less cranky throughout the day?! Wool is the one accessory your baby should never be without!

Browse the wide range of wool sleeping bags for sale at Woolroom today.