Sheepskins can not only add a real sense of style to a room, but bring comfort too. Our natural sheepskin rugs are 100% organic, so you can rest assured knowing that they are of the highest quality. Plus, they’re easy to care for and sumptuously soft too. Shop our sheepskins range below.

Natural sheepskins

Creating 100% natural products is what we do here at Woolroom. Our organic sheepskin rugs are eco-friendly, and they’ll remain luxuriously soft over time without wearing out. As they’re made completely from wool, they are temperature-regulating too. So, you don’t need to worry about getting too hot in the summer or too cold in the winter.

Organic sheepskins rugs, practical for your home

Our natural sheepskin rugs fit beautifully into place, whichever room you decide to refresh. The naturally soft texture of wool means you and your feet will feel super comfortable and cozy. Carefully crafted with luxury and practicality in mind, shop our wool sheepskins online. Our natural sheepskin rugs are quick and easy to care for too. We’d recommend giving it a little shake first. Then, use a suction-only vacuum - a roller-brush vacuum could damage the plush wool. Turn your vacuum to a low setting to carefully clean your sheepskin rug and keep it soft and luxurious. Adding your favorite sheepskin rug to your bedroom? Treat yourself to some luxury wool bedding. Crafted out of completely natural, chemical-free materials, it’s designed to give you better quality sleep every night.

Natural sheepskin rugs to suit your décor

We have plenty of styles, colors and designs for you to choose from in our collection of organic sheepskin rugs. Looking for a chocolate sheepskin rug to complement a neutral bedroom? Or, perhaps you prefer a natural cream sheepskin rug to easily add to your lounge. Browse our selection of natural sheepskin rugs to find the right one, carefully crafted for you.

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