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Bedding Size Guides

Ready to harness the benefits of wool bedding for a better night’s sleep? We’ve put together this bedding and mattress size guide to help you find the perfect fit for your bed.

Looking for EU or international size bedding? Selected Woolroom products are available in EU, US and International sizes. Take a look below to see which products are available in your preferred size.

Mattress Sizing Guide

Our fantastic range of natural mattresses are available in most standard UK mattress sizes: Single, Double, King and Superking, and filled with beautiful British Wool. Use the chart below to find your perfect mattress.
Mattress Size (UK) Dimensions (cm)
Single W90 x L190
Small Double W120 x L190
Double W135 x L190
King Size W150 x L200
Super King Size W180 x L200
Emperor W200 x L200

With our Deluxe Dorset, Cheviot, Oxford, and Luxury Suffolk and Cotswold mattresses, we can easily make bespoke sizes tailored to your specific requirements. Simply call us on 01780 461217 and our team of experts will be able to help.

We also offer a range of children’s wool mattresses. Please refer to the below chart for sizes…
Mattress Size (UK) Dimensions (cm)
Crib Mattress W38 x L89
Cot Mattress W60 x L120
Cot Bed W70 x L140

Duvet Size Guide

A duvet is a very personal choice – a number of our customers like to oversize their duvets, whereas most simply match their duvet to their bed size. Our wool duvets are available in standard UK sizes. Use the duvet size guide below to choose the right one for you.
Duvet Size (UK) Dimensions (cm)
Single W137 x L200
Double W200 x L200
King Size W225 x L220
Super King Size W260 x L220
Emperor W290 x L235
Duvet Size (US) Dimensions (Inches)
Twin W66 x L86
Queen W86 x L86
King W100 x L90
EU/International (sizes in cm)
W150 x L200
W200 x L200
W220 x L240
W260 x L220
W260 x L240
Click on the relevant link below to be taken to the size you require:

  Shop Single Wool Duvets >> Shop Double Wool Duvets >> Shop King Size Wool Duvets >> Shop Super King Wool Duvets >>

Mattress Topper/Protector Size Guide

We would always recommend covering your mattress with a layer of wool. This will allow even your existing mattress to breathe and will help you keep cool when it’s hot, and warm when it’s not. Not only does it regulate your body temperature, it’ll also protect your mattress and keep it in tip top condition for longer. See below table for mattress topper sizes.
Mattress Size (UK) Dimensions (cm)
Single W90 x L190
Small Double W120 x L190
Double W135 x L190
King Size W150 x L200
Super King Size W180 x L200
Emperor W200 x L200
Euro Double W140 x L200
Euro King W160 x L200
Mattress Size (US) Dimensions (Inches)
Twin W39 x L75
Full W39 x L80
Queen W60 x L80
King W76 x L80
EU/International (sizes in cm)
W90 x L190
W80 x L200
W90 x L200
W140 x L200
W160 x L200
W180 x L200
W200 x L200

Wool Pillow Sizes

Whether you’re purchasing our classic wool pillows, adjustable deluxe wool pillows or one of our luxurious alpaca blend pillows, there are two sizes available. See the below chart for exact standard pillow sizes, so you can choose the best fit for your bed..
Pillow Size (UK) Dimensions (cm)
Cot/Travel Pillow W40 x L60
Standard Pillow W48 x L74
King Size Pillow W48 x L90
Pillow Size (US) Dimensions (inches)
Standard W20 x L26
Queen W20 x L30
King W20 x L36
EU/International Pillow Size (cm)
W40 x L80
W45 x L75
W60 x L60
W60 x L70
W60 x L80

Should this size guide not tell you what you need to know, don’t hesitate to give us a call on 01780 461 217 for more information
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