Wool Clothing at woolroom

Find wool clothing for both men and women at woolroom. We sell wool clothes in a range of colours and styles.

Keep warm and keep cool with wool clothing

You may not have thought it, but because of wool?s ability to absorb moisture, it is comfortable to wear in both warm and cold conditions. So, find wool hats with bobbles on to keep your head warm and keep you stylish during the winter months. Or comforting wool socks to keep your feet cool in your trainers in the heat of the summer.

Wool's breathable nature is not the only thing that makes it great for use in clothing. Due to its natural elasticity, wool clothing never creases! So when it?s been folded up in your drawer and pulled out to wear, it will easily return to its natural shape without creases.

Wool clothing, great for giving as a gift

Wool clothes make an ideal gift to give to your loved ones. Made from 100% wool, each item of wool clothing we sell is beautifully crafted and made to last a lifetime. Whether you?re looking to buy a wool scarf to complement your mum?s new coat or wool socks to keep your dad?s feet warm, we have a range of wool clothing to suit all tastes.

From luxurious lambswool socks, adorned with various patterns and animals, to stunning wool scarves decorated in spots and checks. You?re sure to find the wool clothes you?ve been searching for at woolroom.

Sophisticated and luxurious wool blankets and wool throws

View the collection of wool clothing we have for sale at woolroom now.
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