Update the look and feel of your bedroom by investing in a new upholstered headboard. Available to order in a range of colours and styles – from curved edges to straight lines, there’s a design to suit every interior. Make it your own and choose your upholstery from a variety of colours and wool fabrics. Browse our range of wool headboards for sale today.

Bespoke wool headboards built for you

Our upholstered headboards offer the chance to make a bold statement in your bedroom, suitable for both fashion and function. Our fabric headboards can be adapted to suit any interior, with a range of wool fabrics to choose from. Custom-built to your preferences, because we understand that your bed is your private haven.

Head over to Abraham Moon to get some inspiration and choose your fabric to receive your bespoke wool headboard.

Why an upholstered headboard?

We’ve already established that an upholstered headboard can make a statement, but why should you choose a fabric headboard over a wooden or metal back? Well, if you’re someone who likes to sit up in bed at night before settling down to sleep, an upholstered headboard will offer suitable support and comfort all the while. And your comfort is our priority, which is why we provide a soft back to lean on while you’re diving into a new book.

The benefits of choosing a wool headboard

Our organic wool headboards are both aesthetically pleasing and practical – because wool is associated with many positive qualities. But what are the benefits of building wool into your headboard? If you’re prone to a sniffly nose, our wool upholstered headboards are the ideal choice. Because unlike synthetics, wool is naturally hypoallergenic, working to fight away any pesky dust mites and allergens that may be affecting your ability to sleep at night. How? Wool wicks moisture away from the body, making your bed a clean environment to sleep in, and one where bacteria cannot survive. That also means that our wool products are hygienic and stay naturally clean – creating an even healthier sleeping environment.

Discover a range of quality bed headboards and more

Our upholstered headboards are available in a range of sizes, to suit all bedrooms – from Single to Large Emperor. And all of our upholstered headboards are compatible with our sprung divan bases, so that you can create the ideal bed for you, while snuggling up in a quality bedding set for ultimate comfort and support at night.