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Why choose a wool queen size comforter?

Boost your energy with an organic wool comforter. Scientists have confirmed that sleeping with wool bedding boosts stage 4 regenerative sleep by up to 25%. Want to wake up feeling more refreshed? Looking for a natural remedy for night sweats or allergies? Choose a queen size comforter made from wool without any bleaching agents or harsh chemicals. You’ll be able to naturally reduce triggers of allergies and combat night sweats.

Wool comforter queen sized – for every season

Enjoy the versatility of a queen comforter made from wool. Due to its natural fibers, wool is the perfect material to keep you cool. If you’re someone who overheats at night, it’s worth swapping your synthetic bedding for a natural material, such as wool. Naturally temperature regulating, having a wool queen comforter will keep you cool in the summer and snug in the winter.

Looking for more warmth? Browse our selection of wool bed blankets to go with your comforter.

Hypoallergenic bedding – queen size comforters

Are you an allergy sufferer? Don’t let it get in your way of a great night’s sleep. Wool is a natural guard against pesky dust mites, one of the main culprits of night-time allergies. Using a queen comforter made from wool means that the dust mites won’t have the environment to breed, as the wool in your comforter will absorb and desorb the moisture created in the night. Wool isn’t only great for combatting dust mites, it also reduces dust particles, so you won’t be woken up by sniffles and sneezes.

Queen Size Comforters in Classic, Deluxe and Luxury Ranges

Our organic queen comforters are available in a variety of ranges. As an introduction to the woolen way of life, let your body breathe as you sleep, with one of our Classic queen comforters. Looking for something a bit more lavish? Our organic Deluxe and Luxury queen size comforters are a great option. Our Deluxe Downs Breed wool-filled comforters are approved by Allergy UK and perfect for recreating hotel style bedding.

For the ultimate sleep indulgence, choose a queen size comforter from our Luxury range. Made with organic alpaca wool, to help you drift off into an idyllic night’s sleep.

Looking for more sizes? Shop our full range of wool comforters for for super snug sleep every night.