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Improve the quality of your sleep with an organic wool comforter

Improve the quality of your sleep with a natural comforter, made from 100% British wool. Research has shown that incorporating wool into your sleep environment will boost stage four regenerative sleep by up to 25%. This means your body will have more time to repair and heal itself, leaving you feeling well rested and ready for action in the morning.

Suffer from allergies or night sweats? Don’t let them disrupt your sleep any longer. Our organic wool comforters provide natural relief for both of these issues, meaning you’ll be able to sleep without sweating, sneezing or wheezing.

Natural wool comforters for every season

With a natural comforter, there’s no need to change it every time the temperature drops. By choosing a natural wool quilt insert, you’ll save yourself time and money. Why? Because the miracle fibers in wool effortlessly adapt to your temperature and desorb moisture from your body, providing you with warmth in the winter and cool freshness in the summer.

Want to enhance your wool sleep sanctuary further? Browse our range of wool pillows for extra woollen bedding benefits!

Choose from Classic, Deluxe Washable and Organic Washable wool comforters to boost your sleep

Looking for a lightweight, natural comforter for those warm summer nights? Look no further. Our Deluxe wool comforters come in a variety of togs, starting from 3-6, which makes it the coolest natural bedding on the market. Fancy treating yourself to something more luxurious? Try out one of our Organic Washable traceable wool comforters made from premium wool.

Naturally hypoallergenic comforters

Say goodbye to dust mites and fungal spores with a truly hypoallergenic comforter. Not only are our natural comforters beautifully soft and cozy, but they can also help to keep your allergies at bay. Wool comforters naturally reduce moisture from your bedding, creating an environment that dust mites and allergens can’t thrive in, which creates a clean and hygienic sleeping experience. Made in Europe, our range of hypoallergenic comforters are approved by Allergy UK, giving you the assurance you need.

Natural comforters that offer true sustainability

Completely natural and fully GOTS-certified, our wool comforters promise sustainability. But what does that mean for your sleep? Not only are you benefitting from all of the sleep-enhancing perks that wool has to offer, but you’re also helping the environment. With our eco-friendly packaging and organic cotton casings, your wool comforter is kept 100% natural. And as wool is also completely biodegradable and one of the only truly renewable fibers out there, it will naturally decompose when you’re finished with it – without clogging up landfills.

Happy sheep, for happy sleep

Our organic wool comforters are sourced from flocks of happy sheep. Woolroom’s partners adhere to the Five Freedoms policy, meaning that the conditions and the wellbeing of the sheep are in line with the Animal Welfare Act 2007, so you can sleep easy. Learn more about our pledge to animal welfare.

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