Wool Comforters

Cool when it's warm. Warm when it's cool. Naturally it's wool.

Discover your sleep sanctuary with our Classic, Deluxe and Luxury ranges of wool comforters. Ready to buy online today.

Wool Comforters – Snuggly in Winter, Cool in Summer

Imagine a comforter that keeps you toasty in winter but cool in summer. A wool comforter can do just that. It’s a little known secret that wool is nature’s miracle material. This breathable material self-regulates, meaning that it can keep you warm or cool, depending on your temperature. What’s more, it draws moisture away, preventing that clammy feeling that night sweats and being too warm can bring. Which is why harnessing these qualities in a wool comforter is an effective way to boost the quality of your sleep.

The Secret to Better Sleep? Try a Natural Comforter

From night sweats to sneezes, there are plenty of factors that can disrupt your sleep. Still, it’s also true that you can often improve your sleep quality simply by making your bed a better place to be. A luxury comforter made from breathable, natural wool is a great place to start. Why? It has been scientifically proven that sleeping with wool delivers 25% more stage 4 regenerative sleep. That's the stage when your body does most of its 'repair work', which helps you feel refreshed and rested when you wake up.

Because wool comforters wick moisture and humidity away into the atmosphere, they create a clean environment where dust mites and bacteria can’t survive. This makes wool comforters the ideal choice for allergy sufferers and asthmatics – deterring triggers and helping you to get a more restful night’s sleep. Our Deluxe wool comforters are approved by Allergy UK for their hypoallergenic qualities.

Find Your Perfect Wool Comforter

Whether Classic, Deluxe or Luxury comforters, the choice is yours. All our natural comforters are made from British wool and are free from nasty synthetics.

Here’s how our three ranges of wool comforters compare:

The Classic Range: Our basic wool comforters. Available in two weights and filled with 100% British wool, 100% cotton and 0% synthetic materials, all at a price that others can only match using cheaper foreign wools and synthetic interliners.

The Deluxe Range: Also 100% British, 100% cotton and 0% synthetic but featuring wool duvet inserts in six weight options. These premium comforters with lambs wool are designed to be soft yet high-performing. All the wool comforters in our Deluxe range are certified as hypoallergenic and are machine washable on a wool cycle with wool detergent - magic!

The Luxury Range: Our high-end luxury wool comforters feature a 50% British alpaca and 50% British wool filling. Again we use nothing but natural material in these duvet inserts, with 100% luxury high thread count organic cotton and absolutely no synthetics. We recommend these wool comforters are dry-cleaned only, but need only be washed infrequently thanks to the naturally antibacterial and anti-dust mite nature of the materials used.

Deluxe and Luxury wool comforters to keep you cool and soothed

Need a lightweight comforter for warmer nights? Our Deluxe comforters start from 1-2 tog (which is the coolest natural bedding on the market), giving you a lightweight layer to aid easier sleep. For an even more luxurious alternative, our alpaca comforters start with a 3-6 tog option. Both these duvet inserts are ideal for warmer seasons or hot sleepers.

Queen and King Size Comforters – The Perfect Alternative to Goose Down

Weighing up the choice between a wool or goose down comforter? Our lambs wool king and queen size comforters are just as soft and cozy as goose down comforters. What’s more, wool is more breathable than down, and it brings you all the hypoallergenic, temperature-regulating benefits that down can’t. The sheep will thank you too. Shearing doesn’t hurt them – in fact, they’re purposely sheared in the summer months so they can bound around in the hot weather without their bulky coats.

Find your perfect wool comforter – browse our products online today, or browse our full bedding selection.
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