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Lightweight Duvets

Our lightweight temperature regulating duvets are designed to deliver the best sleep experience for warm and hot sleepers. Ideal for those hot, Summer nights.

Woolroom lightweight duvets

For low tog duvets that keep you cool, choose wool. Here at Woolroom, our lightweight duvets are filled with premium British wool, keeping you comfortable naturally. Ideal for hot sleepers and warm nights, our temperature regulating duvets are also hypoallergenic, so you can sleep easy in cool bedding, whatever the season.

Discover lightweight duvets for better sleep

Lightweight duvets are not just for the warmer months – our 100% British wool summer weight duvets are also ideal for hot sleepers at any time of year. What’s more, they can also help to improve sleep quality if you suffer from night sweats. So if you experience hot flashes and are looking for lightweight winter duvets to keep you cool all year round, you’re in the right place.

Night sweats can occur for a number of reasons and, while you may not be able to stop them, you can make the symptoms more manageable with cool bedding. Ultra-lightweight duvets filled with wool are the perfect place to start. By wicking away moisture, our thin duvets will keep you feeling comfortable and dry, no matter the temperature of the room.

Summer weight duvets – the key to keeping cool

Looking for the best lightweight duvets for hot weather? Here at Woolroom, we’re big believers in wool. In fact, we like to think of it as nature’s miracle material. That’s because it’s breathable, working with your own body heat to keep you surprisingly cool in the summer. It also draws moisture away, preventing you from feeling clammy if you sweat in the heat. Choose one of our very light duvets for a wool duvet that keeps you cool, comfortable and sleeping like a baby – whatever the weather.

Traceable low tog duvets

The wool in our summer weight duvets is already environmentally friendly – but now we’re adding traceability into the mix. At Woolroom, we are proud to offer full transparency on the source of our bedding, allowing our customers to trace the filling for their lightweight duvets right back to the farm. As well as being especially comfy and luxuriously cosy (even for you hot sleepers!), the traceable low tog duvets boast all the natural assets that make wool the perfect environment for healthier sleep.

Want a thin duvet? Which tog should you choose?

Are you looking for the lowest tog duvet for cooler sleep? The tog ratings of wool duvets are a little different to down or synthetic duvets, as a wool duvet adapts to the person sleeping beneath it. Our lightweight summer duvets have an approximate 2-5 tog rating, meaning they'll react like a two tog when it's warm and a five tog when it's cooler. This makes our low tog duvets a great choice for couples that differ in how warm they feel at night, and struggle to agree on the weight of duvet needed.

Super warm sleepers? Choose a lightweight duvet insert for the lowest tog duvet rating available.

Very light temperature regulating duvets in various sizes

Our lightweight wool duvets are available in sizes to suit every bed – because no-one should have to miss out on the chance of better sleep. So, whether you choose a double lightweight duvet, a single, or even a super king, you can be assured that wherever you are, our thin duvets will be the perfect fit for your bed. Even better, all our lightweight duvets contain 0% synthetics. They are also certified as hypoallergenic and are free from chemicals – ensuring a completely natural, clean sleep.

Our range of lightweight duvets are part of our wider bedding collection. Shop our full range of cool bedding online to find the best lightweight duvet for your sleep today.