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King size duvets for winter

When you need to invest in a good night’s sleep it’s important to find the right duvet for your requirements. Are you a hot sleeper? Cold sleeper? A quilt stealer or a throw-off-the-covers kind of sleeper? Whatever your style, we tend to find that most common sleep disturbances arise from your body temperature. If you’re too warm or too cold this is likely to leave you with disturbed sleep, which is why we recommend wool.

All our king size winter duvets are filled with wool because it’s a natural thermo regulator. That means that wool fibres not only insulate, they’re breathable too. Unlike synthetic fibres and even feather and down, wool is efficient at keeping you at the ideal sleep temperature throughout the night. So all our winter wool duvets will keep you at the optimum temperature for a great night’s sleep.

What’s the best king size duvet for allergies?

As wool is able to effectively wick moisture away from the body and regulate temperature, it remains clean and dry for longer. That also means that all our king size duvets for winter are excellent when it comes to resisting allergens such as dust mites, mold and spores. These kinds of allergens thrive in warm, damp bedding which is why other synthetic duvets tend to harbour lots of common allergens, especially dust mites. But dust mites find it much more difficult to set up camp in wool. Great news for allergy sufferers!

Choose a king size winter duvet to suit your sleep style

Our wool duvet collection has three different ranges, each with the intention of providing you with a king size duvet for winter that fits your sleep style and your budget.

  • Classic range: This is our basic range that has all the benefits of a wool quilt at an afforable price. Wrapped up in 200 thread count cotton and filled with all natural wool clusters.
  • Deluxe range: Our machine washable range that made with organic unbleached cotton and British wool that’s been hand selected.
  • Luxury range: A combined fill of wool and alpaca hair for our softest, most organic range of duvets.

If you’re looking for a king size winter duvet, that’s all natural, an effective insulator and breathable, you’ve come to the right place. Shop our winter wool duvets now and choose our warm duvet in all of our ranges for a winter tog king size duvet that gives you a healthier night’s sleep.