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03 October 2017
Each one of our natural mattresses are hand-crafted in the UK but skilled craftspeople. Here's a sneak peak at the process involved...
19 September 2017
Our dream was to use the finest British wool to make something wonderful. A natural, healthy, handcrafted range, to let you feel the way you always dreamed of feeling. Check out our new brand film here...
26 July 2017
Struggling to sleep when the temperatures soar? Find the best ways to stay cool at night with these top tips. Sleep better all year round.
16 June 2017
Sneezing, itchy nose? Sore eyes and throat? Hay fever isn’t the only possibility. Find out what could be causing your night time allergy.
31 May 2017
Problems sleeping? These 7 essential resources will help you tackle everything from stress to night sweats, sleep apnoea to teenage sleeping routines.
05 May 2017
Wake up bright and early and ready to go. Discover our top tips for changing your night owl habits and becoming a morning person. Learn more.
02 May 2017
As of 2nd May, we're now accepting payment via American Express cards.
10 March 2017
Struggling to sleep? Buying into these 7 common sleep myths could be stopping you getting a good night’s rest. Read on to learn more.
06 March 2017
Shopping from the USA or Europe? We’ve now made it even easier to experience the natural benefits of British wool bedding, by allowing you to shop in US Dollar (USD) and Euros (EUR).
02 March 2017
Do you ever have the desire to unplug yourself from today’s modern world, and go back to living life as nature intended? Well now you can...
16 January 2017
Did you drag yourself out from under your soft, snuggly duvet this morning? Perhaps you considered taking a duvet day to mark Blue Monday?
06 January 2017
Making a New Year’s Resolution? Sleep could be the key to success. Learn why and how to improve your sleep this year.
30 December 2016
Discover our top 5 tips for how to improve your sleeping habits – from diet and lifestyle changes to something as simple as changing your bedding.
29 November 2016
Please join us at the Grand Opening of our new, and bigger store at Peak Shopping Village this Friday, 2nd December.
25 November 2016
Give the gift of sleep so that your loved ones can relax this festive season. Use our guide for the entire family and find thoughtful gift inspiration.
14 November 2016
Use our parent's guide to nightmares and night terrors to help your child feel comfortable at bed time and sleep soundly through the night. Learn more.
04 November 2016
Should you sleep on your back, front or side? What makes a supportive mattress? And why isn’t comfy always the healthiest sleeping position? Learn more.
03 November 2016
Too little? Too light? Too disrupted? Sleep is a hot topic. We take a look at some of the most intriguing sleep products designed to help you snooze.
28 October 2016
Having problems drifting off to sleep? Waking in the night drenched in sweat? You're not alone. Discover top tips with our sleep advice for adults aged 60+.
21 October 2016
Suffering with a cold or flu? Learn how to get better quality sleep and get back to full fitness sooner. Read our top tips for how to sleep with a cold.
17 October 2016
Did you know that a delicate imbalance during a certain stage of sleep can leave you feeling un-refreshed the next day? Learn more about the sleep cycle.
17 October 2016
Week 7 of the Great Woolly Bake Off saw The Wool Room Buyer make his delicious take on a Delia Smith pavlova…
14 October 2016
The Wool Room has been named Best Rural Clothing or Accessory Business at the Rural Business Awards – the UK’s most prestigious and respected Awards for rural businesses!
12 October 2016
The Campaign for Wool have opened a Wool BnB and our British wool bedding can be seen in the bedroom - along with lots of other beautiful woolly accessories for the home!
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