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Why Wool?

It's cool when it's hot, and warm when it's not!

Wool is a natural insulator to keep you warm in winter and naturally breathable to keep you cool in summer.

Wool fibre helps to keep your body at the optimal temperature zone for comfort and rest. When used in blankets, synthetic fibres, down and even cotton fibres do not breathe as well as wool, and are more likely to trap heat in your bed. Wool buffers the extreme cold or hot air on the outside, keeping your body in the ideal comfort zone. Baa-rilliant!

It's naturally absorbent!

Wool fibre is the original wicking fibre. Wool fabrics can absorb up to 30% of their weight without feeling heavy or damp. Cotton fabrics begin to feel damp after 15%. The fibres 'breathe' by absorbing away moisture from the body and releasing it into the air. This quality makes wool fabrics comfortable to wear in warm and cold weather.

It resists Mildew and Mold, naturally!

Wool's natural resistance to mildews and moulds comes from the way it repels moisture, and lets moisture pass through it's fibres without trapping it. Mildews and moulds require moisture to live, and grow.

It's durable!

Laboratory tests have shown that wool fibres resist tearing and can bend back on themselves more than 20,000 times without breaking. Cotton breaks after 3,200 bends, silk fibres break after 1,800 bends, and rayon fibres break after just 75 bends. Wool clothing will last for years.

Wool also resists spills and dries very quickly.

It's naturally wrinkle resistant!

Wool fabrics resist wrinkles. Wool is the most resilient fibre because it has a natural crimp that helps it keep its shape. Wool fibres can be stretched and still bounce back to their original shape.

It's fire retardant!

Wool is safer to wear because of its natural fire-retardant properties. It can resist flame without the chemical treatment involved in fireproofing. Most synthetic fibres ignite easily, burn fiercely and melt at an alarming rate.

It's clean!

Wool resists static, dirt and dust. Wool fabric doesn't collect much static because of its absorbent fibres. Static attracts lint, dirt, and dust. Wool fabrics also clean easily because dirt sits on the surface of the fibre. The outside surface of the wool fibre consists of a series of overlapping scales, similar to the feathers on a bird, making it easy to brush off and for stains to lift out.

It's hypoallergenic!

Wool is hypoallergenic. Although some people do have a rare natural allergy to Lanolin, the oil found in wool, most people's allergy to wool is a reaction to the many harsh and toxic chemicals that go into the treatment, and finishing of conventional wool garments and bedding. Serious chemical abrasives are routinely used to wash raw wool for processing. Chlorine and mothproofing chemicals are routinely applied to conventional wool before turning it into a finished product.

It's renewable and sustainable!

Wool is a renewable resource that can be shorn from sheep annually. It is biodegradable and kinder to the environment than oil-based synthetics, which contribute to global pollution.


24 Nov 2018
Hi, is your wool cruelty free?
Woolroom's Customer Care Team Yes it is. It is something very close to our hearts and we ensure that all sheep are looked after correctly and that their welfare is at the forefront of the farmers. We source from the British Wool Marketing Board who adhere to the Five freedoms which can be found on the website.

27 Oct 2018
Hi, I’m waking up every morning with dust mite allergy, sneezing etc and starting to be woken mid-sleep for the same reason. I’m obviously very allergic to dust mite. I think I need a complete change of my bed products. What can you recommend? I have a double bed.
Woolroom's Customer Care Team We can certainly help you with that and I'm very confident that wool will be the solution. One of our team will give you a call on Monday morning to discuss the options and help you to sleep better. No one should have to suffer while sleeping.

Kind regards,

17 Oct 2018

I was curious to know if the wool was dyed/colour treated would it lessen the health benefits. Also would a wool covering on a synthetic surface offer health benefits or does the entire bedding have to be wool?

kindest regards,
Woolroom's Customer Care Team Hi Jen, certain treatments may to wool may affect this. We double scoured our wool to wash off the barbs to remove the lanolin oil which will improve the performance of the wool. A wool covering over a synthetic surface will have some benefit however the best would be to use a wool surface with a cotton outer to provide that natural comfort which will significantly help your health as wool cannot harvest dust mites which is great for allergy sufferers. I hope this helps. If you have any more questions then feel free to give us a call.

01 Oct 2018
Hello I’m just wondering about the wool cotbed mattress toppers? Does the baby sleep on top of it or do you put a sheet over it?
My son is 14 months old and hates his cot do you think the topper would help. Many thanks
Woolroom's Customer Care Team Hi Allison, I think this may help however we do recommend a waterproof protector to protect the topper from leaks. If you let us know what type of cot he has that might be of help.

01 Oct 2018
Hello I’m just wondering about the wool cotbed mattress toppers? Does the baby sleep on top of it or do you put a sheet over it?
My son is 14 months old and hates his cot do you think the topper would help. Many thanks
Woolroom's Customer Care Team They can sleep straight over the top however to protect it from stains etc. I think a topper would really help him as it would give him some extra comfort.
Kind regards,

27 Sep 2018
"Fire Retardant Bedding"
Are your wool comforters and toppers completely free of chemicals and flame retardants as well? Thank you.
Woolroom's Customer Care Team Hi Lena,
Yes they are completely free of chemicals and flame retardants. The only exception is our Deluxe range which we treat with a very small amount of chlorine (less than in a glass of water) to make it washable. I hope this answers your question.
Kind regards,

23 Sep 2018
"Too heavy"
Hello, I have previously brought an all season wool quilt but I find it too heavy, I have always like to use a light weight Hungarian goose feather quilt, but due to suffering with night sweats bad I do like the wool but not the heavy weight of it. I still need the warmth but not the weight if possible.
Woolroom's Customer Care Team Hi Lynn,
If this is a real problem for you then I'd recommend looking at the Deluxe Warm duvet which is slightly lighter than an All Seasons and will get give you the warmth that you require. The best option depending on budget would be to go for the warm Luxury Alpaca Duvet which has a beautiful 300tc outer cover with the finest alpaca wool. Again this is even lighter than the deluxe will still create that warmth. I hope this helps.
Kind regards,

03 Sep 2018
"Steve Warham"

Can you advise if your wool mattress is suitable for an Ottoman Storage bed with gas lift. I understand the mattresses are quite heavy against a non wool mattress.

I am thinking of the Herdwick mattress.

Woolroom's Customer Care Team Hi Steve,

These mattresses would be suitable for some Ottoman beds, but it really does depend on the brand of bed you have. Their guidelines should indicate the maximum weight which would be supported.

To help, the Herdwick weights are:

- Single 35kg
- Double 55kg
- King 60kg
- Superking 70kg

I hope this helps, but don't hesitate to get in touch if not. You can call us on 01780 461217.

Kind regards,

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