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Single winter quilts with a (woolly) difference

Improve your sleep environment with one of our single winter duvets that’s not just a little heavier and thicker than your usual duvet. In fact, it helps to regulate your body temperature naturally. When you sleep with a wool filled single duvet, you get all the benefits of thermo-regulation.

But what does that mean?

Wool is capable of absorbing moisture, drawing it away from your body and desorbing it into the atmosphere. So you’re less likely to wake up feeling uncomfortably clammy during the night. And unfortunately, with your bog-standard sythetic single duvet, it’s likely that it’s not giving you the breathability you need. That’s where wool comes in.

Think of it as your natural dehumidifier. Your single winter quilt is capable of transporting 70% more moisture than feather and down duvets, and 48% more than polyester. That’s a lot of moisture! And during the winter, when the heating clicks on and all the windows are shut, you’re probably going to be all wrapped up warm ready to fall asleep, but may wake up sweating and feeling uncomfortable. But with our single wool duvets this isn’t a problem. It will create a warm yet breathable sleep environment for you, making it the best single duvet for winter (and summer).

The best single winter duvet for allergies

Do you or the kids suffer with allergies? A wool-filled, single winter quilt could be just the ticket. As wool is a natural dehumidifier and air purifier it makes it a clean and dry environment. This kind of environment deters common allergens like dust mites, mould, and fungus spores which can trigger allergy symptoms during the night. These kinds of allergens tend to thrive in warm, damp environments. But when you choose a single duvet made with wool, this common sleep disturbance becomes a thing of the past. With a fresh, dry breathable single quilt, you’re set for your comfiest winter yet.

Shop our range of single winter duvets and get rid of common sleep disturbances such as night sweats and allergy symptoms.