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Traceable Merino Sleepwear

"We had a vision to take traceability to the next level"


The Woolroom Sleepwear by Smalls Merino Collaboration


The Woolroom Sleepwear by Smalls Merino collaboration comes from a shared passion and vision for natural wool products to be reimagined into everyday life.

Already offering the ultimate in clean and natural sleep with beds and bedding we now set our sights on offering the absolute all wool sleep environment, adding Merino wool sleepwear into the mix.

Hailing from the very place Merino wool comes from, Cat and Emma from Smalls are experts in both the wool as well as offering extensive experience in apparel. They have worked hard to produce the finest Merino garments and have an established and trusted supply chain.

Working with Smalls Merino aligns with our traceability and sustainability values and ensures we continue to offer the best in clean and healthy sleep.

Woolroom by Smalls Merino sleepwear works in harmony with our wool bedding collections delivering the ultimate in clean and healthy sleep.

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Our Merino Wool


It regulates body temperature

Helping to keep your body at a regular temperature the natural crimps in the fiber insulate you when its cold by trapping air. When it's hot this clever fiber transports moisture away from your body keeping you cool and dry.

Woolroom sleepwear works in harmony with our wool bedding delivering clean and healthy sleep.

It's resistant

Unlike synthetics, Merino wool is not only resistant to odors and fire retardant it's also durable. Requiring no special treatment for washing. They won't shrink or fade due to a unique patented finishing and knitting process at our mill.

This process has no chemical residue or environmental impact and is designed to protect the wool

It's soft

Irresistibly smooth and soft this sleepwear is made from the absolute finest “two-fold” 17.5 micron yarn. The two separate yarns are folded together in opposite directions.

The single yarns that make the two-fold need to be extra fine and very smooth to get a balanced result. This means that our sleepwear is made from the smoothest feeling Merino available, soft as silk and scientifically proven to improve eczema conditions.

It's sustainable

Merino wool is a natural and renewable fiber, one sheep can grow 4-7 lbs of wool each year, on nothing but a diet of grass and sunshine.

At the end of life, Merino wool biodegrades after 12 months in the ground, releasing carbon and nutrients back into the soil.


All the merino wool used in the Woolroom by Smalls Merino collection is certified by ZQ Merino and can be traced right through from sheep to sleep.

Working with a collective of approved ZQ 17.5-micron farms, the sheep and their wool used in this collection graze roaming free in the breathtakingly beautiful, rugged Southern Alps of New Zealand and thrive in a clean, green unpolluted environment.

This ultrafine merino wool is then carded, spun and woven manufactured in an Italian Mill that has a completely vertical supply chain, the only mill on the world to gain EMAS certification for environmental practices and they go a step further with a unique process to ensure the water is in better condition when it leaves, than when it went in.

farmer image

Meet our hero farmer

The Jones Family, Matarae Station. South Island, New Zealand.

The Jones family have been rearing sheep on their property for 60 years. Home to three generations, Willie Jones shares the property with his parents, wife, Emily and three sons.