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Our softest, snuggest wool bed blankets

Add an extra layer of comfort to your bed with a wool bed blanket. Cosy down with a merino, lambswool or cellular wool blanket from our range and sleep tight. Our wool blankets for the bed will help add a pop of colour to your bedroom. Try our sangria red wool bed blanket to add a splash of warmth and brightness to your décor, or our azure blue will help add relaxing tones to your room. Worried that our traditional wool bed blankets will be too warm? We use authentic British wool that has temperature regulating properties which will help you drift off into a peaceful sleep. So, whatever the weather, you can enfold yourself in our luxury wool blankets and drift off comfortably. We’ll take care of your skin and body so nothing disturbs you.

With sizes from single up to super king, why not browse our selection of single and double wool bed blankets to find the perfect finishing touch for your bed? Our wool blankets for double beds will provide you and your partner with expert comfort; with added length and width, late night arguments over covers will be a thing of the past. Additionally, our wool bed blankets draw moisture away from the skin when you begin to perspire, and they’ll also draw in and hold onto heat when you begin to feel cold. So, no matter how hot or cold you or your partner get in bed, our wool bed blankets are expertly engineered to meet each of your individual needs. Here at the Woolroom, we’re dedicated to ensuring luxury for each of our customers, as well as priding ourselves on resolving late-night arguments over covers.

100% natural wool bed blankets

Why surround yourself with synthetics when you can sleep with wool? Here at Woolroom, we’re firm believers that the more natural your sleep environment, the better you sleep. That’s why our wool bed blankets are made from 100% lambswool or merino wool. It’s a scientifically proven fact that using wool blankets for bed will improve your sleep by 25%. Impressive, right? That’s because our expert wool bed blankets are hypoallergenic, naturally absorbent, and resist mildew and mould. Why not invest in a beautiful wool bed blanket that will be your lifelong bedroom companion?

Merino wool bed blankets

Our premium merino wool bed blankets are designed by world-renowned fine blanket maker John Atkinson. Made in Yorkshire from the softest merino wool, these wool bed blankets are crafted to a classic design, making them the perfect finishing touch for your luxury wool bedding bundle.

Lambswool bed blankets

Made in a traditional woollen mill, our Scarlet & Argent bed blankets are made from 100% lambswool, and are available in a selection of sizes from single to super king. The superior finish of these wool bed blankets is the result of a long tradition of specialist craftsmanship, stretching back more than 200 years – we only work with the best. We’ve combined years of tradition with modern science to create the best wool blankets for you and your family. We’re dedicated to ensuring that every member has their own slice of luxury, that’s why our wool bed blankets are perfect for snuggling up in during movie nights during the colder months.

Cellular wool blanket for beds

Cellular blankets are a lightweight option for adding warmth. The open-weave design means that they’re lighter than traditional wool bed blankets, while still providing a snuggly layer to help you settle down at night – it’s the best of both worlds. Choose from a selection of pastel shades to match your bedding; our satin-edged cellular wool bed blankets are available in colours including blue, pink and cream. Envelop yourself in luxury with our traditional wool blankets and drift off. Here at Woolroom, we’ve made falling asleep easily a dream.

From single bed blankets to super-king-sized merino, add a little something extra to make your bed even comfier.

Browse our selection of wool bed blankets and order yours online today.