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Large wool blankets

Whether you’re snuggling up during the winter, or you’re looking to add a new touch of luxury to your home, a large wool throw can add an extra hint of flair to every room. It’s all about making a statement. That’s why our large wool blankets are expertly designed to add a depth of colour, comfort and texture to your space – but still cosy enough to snuggle up with, of course. They’re then hand-crafted in the mountains of Italy, offering superb quality and sophistication in an extra large wool throw that spans the width of your bed – that’s right, they’re actually wide enough! So no more fighting with your partner over who hogs the blankets. Not only do they look good but, constructed using 100% Merino wool, our extra large wool throw blankets allow for maximum breathability throughout the night.

Large wool throws for every home

Our large wool blankets look just as great draped over your sofa as they do on your bed – and they’re available in multiple colours to suit every décor. The Chianti extra large wool throws immediately transform any living space into a restful retreat, ideal for sleeping, lounging or cuddling up in the cold.

Or perhaps you like to collect your throws for décor purposes? After all, they’re a great way of adding a pop of colour to a room. For a splash of warmth, try our one of our extra large blankets in sangria red, or try our azure blue large wool throw for a more relaxing and serene mood. Whether they’re on your sofa or bed, our extra large throws are perfect for adding a cosy touch to any room and are perfect for keeping you snug and comfy in any season.

Experience the benefits of wool with extra large throws

Struggling to find the right sized blanket for your home? There’s nothing more frustrating than laying a throw over a bed and it being too small. That’s why we have a variety of sizes for our extra large wool throws, including king size and super king size, to span the width of every bed – because no-one deserves to be cut short on comfort. Available in a range of coastal colours, our extra large throws are ready for styling in every home – and they come equipped with all of the natural benefits of wool.

Do you find yourself constantly fighting with your bedding? With our temperature regulating large wool blankets, combating the covers will be a thing of the past. Instead, allow our extra large throws to enfold you in a luxurious sleep that will help adjust the temperature of your body as you explore the land of nod. With hypoallergic and breathable qualities, our opulent extra large blankets are designed for all the family, so each member can have their own slice of luxury.

Hypoallergenic, extra large throws

Night-time coughing and sneezing disrupting your sleep? Hypoallergenic bedding is specially designed to reduce your symptoms at night, allowing you to sleep easy and get the rest you need – all by creating an environment in which allergens find it difficult to survive. Don’t let annoying allergies disturb your sleep. Constructed using 100% merino wool, our large wool throws are the ideal choice for allergy sufferers. Allow Woolroom to give you peace of mind as you slip into fresh, clean and cosy blankets that will lovingly care for your skin and body as you dream. Additionally, our extra large throws are free of harsh chemical or bleaches, so you can sleep soundly knowing that your large wool throw is both good for you and the planet.

Eco-friendly large wool throws

If you’re looking for the perfect balance between comfort and luxury, our extra large throws are a great investment for you, but also for the environment. Our extra large blankets offer an added layer of warmth in bed (or on the sofa!), so that you can turn the thermostat down and cuddle up after a long day – providing you with natural warmth and a lower energy bill. But that’s not all! Thanks to the materials we use, our large wool blankets are 100% free from chemicals and made with natural fillings that are better for your sleep, and the environment. Our extra large wool throws are also sustainable, because wool is a renewable resource and its biodegradable – pretty cool, right? So you can invest in Woolroom safe in the knowledge that we’re doing our bit for the environment. Why count sheep to help you sleep, when you can wrap yourself in our luxury extra large throws made of sheep’s wool to help you drift off?

Find out more about our eco bedding and extra large blankets, and how we strive towards a happier, healthier planet.

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