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Sleep soundly with a hypoallergenic mattress

Keep allergens at bay with an anti-allergy mattress – so you can sleep well on an all-natural, comfortable mattress. Get a more restful night’s sleep with healthy wool bedding from Woolroom and find the best hypoallergenic mattress for you. Wool also comes with thermo-regulating properties that mean you stay cool when you’re hot, and warm when you’re cold – so no matter the weather, you will get a comfortable and sound night’s sleep.

British wool mattresses for allergy sufferers

If you’re an allergy sufferer who’s struggling to doze off at night, you may find that your choice of mattress is contributing to your lack of sleep. Wool mattresses offer benefits that synthetic-filled mattresses simply can’t compete with. Wool wicks away moisture and push humidity away, resulting in a clean sleep environment where pesky dust mites and bacterica can’t survive, leaving your bed 99.9% dust mite free. This makes wool the ideal mattress choice for those with allergies or asthma.

Choose an anti-allergy mattress that’s made of all-natural materials

Made of individual pocket springs, an all-natural pad that promotes breathability and comfort, and our specially designed ticking that meets British standards for flammability – without using any harsh chemicals. Our hypoallergenic mattresses are designed to help you achieve true comfort and a healthy night’s sleep. Handmade from 100% British wool and organic materials.

Choosing the best hypoallergenic mattress for you

Our hypoallergenic wool mattresses are available in three ranges:

  • Classic: Our standard range of mattresses – pocket spring, natural and a great introduction to wool bedding. Receive all the sleep-supporting benefits of wool at affordable prices.
  • Deluxe: Made from British wool and eco-friendly hempure, featuring pocket springs and HD springs that provide additional comfort.
  • Luxury: Handmade out of British wool, cashmere, cotton, mohair and hempure. Our luxury range features pocket springs, HD mini springs and luxury HD mini springs.

Looking to get your hands on one of our hypoallergenic mattresses? If the product is in-stock, we typically deliver our wool mattresses with our FREE two-man delivery service within 7 working days, on a day that’s good for you and directly to the room of your choice. Sink into your sleep with the best hypoallergenic mattress for you.