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Super King Mattresses

Invest in your sleep environment with a king size mattress that will enhance your sleep. All of our king size mattresses are hand-crafted here in the UK and filled with nature’s miracle material – wool. With the ability to keep you warm when it’s cold and cool when it’s hot, wool is the ingredient that will really make a difference to the way you sleep. Shop king size mattresses today and benefit from the temperature-regulating properties of wool.

Pocket sprung super king mattresses

When you’re looking for a super king size mattress, you’ll want to find quality. And we have just that. Our mattresses are designed to provide you with the support you need throughout the night, as well as the comfort you crave. To enure we get the balance just right, we use individually hand-nested springs that work in unison to give you the luxurious sleep that you long for after a long day.

Choose the best super king mattress for you

You’re in the right place if you need a super king mattress. But what kind of tension would best suit your sleep style?

At Woolroom, we offer three different mattress ranges: Classic, Deluxe, and Luxury. We want to make sure that there is a mattress that will fit with your budget, the tension you require and your sleep style. So, here’s a note of each of our mattress ranges to help you decide which super king size mattress is the right one for you.
  • Classic: This is our entry level range of wool mattresses, giving you all the comfort and sleep enhancing benefits of wool but at great value prices. Available with advanced pocket spring technology.
  • Deluxe: These mattresses are available in multiple tensions and have revolution pocket springs with HD spring technology. And of course they’re filled with wool, as well as eco-friendly hempure, for a chemical free sleep environment.
  • Luxury: Hand-crafted and hand tufted, our luxury range of mattresses is made with cashmere, cotton, mohair, and hempure combined. And with HD mini springs, they create an extravagant sleep environment that you just won’t want to get out of.

The best super king mattress for allergy sufferers

Whichever range you settle on, it’s guaranteed that each and every mattress we sell is hypoallergenic. Why? Because we use wool to fill our mattresses. Wool has a natural ability to regulate your body temperature as you sleep, wicking away any unwanted moisture and desorbing it into the surrounding environment. The breathable nature of wool means that you’re never too warm in bed, nor are you too hot. Wool’s clever ability to breathe and insulate also means that you’re building a hostile environment for allergens such as mold and dust mites, leaving you with a hypoallergenic mattress that eases your allergy symptoms and helps you sleep sound.

Struggling to shift your old super king mattress?

For a small fee we can provide you with a removal and recycling service with like-for-like products. Clear your old mattress and make way for your brand new king size mattress with ease.