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Single duvets that help you get more shuteye

Choose single hypoallergenic duvets to ease allergy symptoms

Whether you need to dress a guest bedroom, or you want some quality bedding for the kids, our single wool duvets are made with a sleep-enhancing, miracle material - wool! That means they’re the best single duvets for those who struggle with night time allergies caused by dust mites.

Our single bed duvets are adept at wicking moisture away into the atmosphere, which makes it difficult for dust mites to survive. Dust mites tend to thrive in warm, humid places. But with wool, there’s no chance of them getting comfortable! As wool is so efficient at regulating temperature, our single duvets are the perfect sleep environment for those who experience uncomfortable allergy symptoms caused by dust mites.

Opt for single duvets that work with your body temperature

Our single bed duvets are not just the best choice for allergy sufferers, they’re a wonder for those who find themselves waking too hot or too cold. The great thing about our single duvets is that the wool inside them helps keep you warm when you’re cold, and cool when you’re hot. Wool has naturally occurring breathable properties that helps you regulate your body temperature, even as you sleep. In fact, it has been proven that sleeping with wool duvets delivers 25% more stage 4 regenerative sleep. What’s not to love?

Order single wool duvets now

Order single wool duvets today and choose from our three ranges to suit the way you sleep:
  • Classic – Our classic range is excellent value offering three weights filled with 100% British wool and 100% cotton outer.
  • Chatsworth – This range offers single bed quilts in four different weight options. High performing single duvets that are hypoallergenic certified and machine washable.
  • Organic Washable – Purely luxurious single duvets. Featuring 100% wool, our single duvets are all wrapped up in a high thread count organic cotton outer.