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Make Your Mattress Last Longer with a Double Mattress Protector

The right mattress is an investment that should serve you night after night of serene slumber. So, it's important to keep it protected. Our double-size mattress protectors will do just that and more. They help to prevent the cover from wearing, as well as protect it against spills and stains.

Unlike your mattress, a Woolroom double bed mattress protector is easily washable. This means both your protector and mattress will stay looking and smelling fresh - the best environment for a healthy night's sleep. Improve it even further, by combining it with our double wool mattress toppers and double wool bedding bundles.

Anti-Allergy Mattress Protectors for Double Beds

Did you know our wool mattress protectors for double beds are the only fully tested and certified natural hypoallergenic ones on the market? They'’re free from cheap, synthetic materials - just 100% British wool and 100% cotton here. What does this mean for you? Well, they'll effectively keep you protected from dust mites, mould, and fungus as you enjoy the sweetest of dreams. Exactly what you need if you’re affected by allergies.

A Supremely Comfortable Mattress Protectors for Your Double Bed

Layer up on luxury to boost your sleep setting at the end of a long day. Our double bed mattress protectors create a comfortable barrier between your bed sheets and your mattress. Each double mattress protector is lovingly crafted using all-natural sheep's wool, encased in an outer layer of organic cotton.

So, whether you're a side or stomach sleeper, or someone who stares up to the ceiling to reach the land of nod, you'll be able to enjoy an added level of comfort with this super soft between you and your mattress. We're so confident you'll get a better night's sleep; we'll give you your money back with our 30 Night Sleep Trial!

Frequently Asked Questions

What's the size of a Woolroom Double Mattress Protector? All the fitted double mattress protectors in our range measure 135 x 190cm.

How Often Should I Wash the Mattress Protector on My Double Bed? We recommend you wash your protector every two months - just to keep it at its fresh best. However, if you, for example, were to spill your morning cup of coffee while you were in bed, we'd recommend putting it in the wash straight away. This helps to keep the place you lay your head at night a healthy, happy, and hygienic sleep sanctuary.