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Why is a wool duvet better than a goose down duvet?

What’s the difference between a wool duvet and a down duvet? Is a wool duvet better than down? Or is there any difference between them at all? Here, we get to grips with the properties of both goose down and wool filled duvets to help you figure out which one could work for you (and help you sleep better!).

Wool vs down: Which is the warmest duvet?

In the battle of the best duvet filling one of the main questions we get asked is, how well does it regulate your temperature?
Insulation is not the only thing you need to ensure a good night's sleep. What your body needs is to remain at a stable temperature (Homeostasis). So, it’s not all about keeping warm and toasty. It helps to have bedding that keeps you cool as the temperature rises too.
Goose down duvets are an excellent insulator as they trap a lot of air (think of a thermos flask). But they don’t breathe very well, meaning they trap moisture far more than wool duvets. When you’re a little too warm in bed and you start to sweat, the moisture that’s left behind can get trapped, leaving you clammy and uncomfortable.

Trapped moisture leads to high humidity under your duvet and this makes you restless and reduces the quality of your sleep. However, wool bedding has been scientifically proven to enhance stage 4 sleep by up to as much as 25%. This is because wool has the unique ability to keep your body temperature at its optimum levels. Clever, isn't it?

Wool vs down: What’s the best duvet for allergies?

If your allergies tend to be triggered at night, you may need a duvet that’s hypoallergenic. So, which is the best duvet filling for those who experience allergy symptoms at night?

Dust mites are often a major cause of allergy symptoms in the bedroom, and moisture provides an environment that dust mites thrive in. So when you compare wool duvets vs down duvets it pays to choose the driest environment possible.

Because of this, wool bedding is considerably better for allergy sufferers because dust mites just cannot thrive in it. In fact, our wool bedding is the only natural bedding solution to hold the Allergy UK Seal of Approval. What's more, with a wool duvet, there is no need to freeze it or wash it at high temperature like you would with a goose down duvet. With wool, it does all the work for you. Wicking moisture away, providing you with a clean, dry, sleep environment where dust mites will not thrive and irritate your allergies.

Unfortunately, down or feather (which is arguably even worse than down) cannot react as quickly or to the same level. This means the humidity under a down or feather quilt is higher than when sleeping under wool, making it much more comfortable for dust mites (and a lot less comfortable for allergy sufferers).

Wool duvets vs down duvets: What about sharing a duvet with your partner?

Are you too cold, while your partner’s too hot? It’s a very common thing that we hear about from our customers. And it all comes back to temperature regulation!

Wool bedding is fantastic for couples who sleep at different temperatures, as it provides each different sleeper with a different climate zone. It works with your individual body temperature, wicking moisture away from the body when you’re too hot and clammy, and keeping you snug as the temperature drops.

Other bedding types such, as feather and down, do not have this ability and therefore cause issues amongst couples. Whereas, the natural properties of wool create your own micro-climate, helping you and your partner sleep soundly without the need for separate duvets!

Wool vs down duvets: Which is cruelty free?

Goose down duvets are usually produced using feathers that are already a by-product of the farming industry. There are now more and more organisations ensuring that live feather plucking is no longer used. However, there’s no getting away from the fact that down and feathers used for duvets are likely to come from birds that are already destined for slaughter.

One of the great things about wool is that it’s completely natural, sustainable and ethically sourced. Unlike goose down duvets, sheep can be sheared to harvest their wool without the need to slaughter the animal. In fact, it’s one of the only sustainable fibres that can be shorn off the animal and regrows itself for use the following year. Plus, at the end of its life one of our wool duvets is biodegradable, and within 6-12 months it will become fully decomposed nitrogen enriched compost.

When it comes to wool duvets vs down duvets, there’s no question about it – wool duvets are the out and out winner. But don’t just take our word for it. Take a look at some of our customers’ reviews on how they feel about wool duvets.

Want more information on how wool could help you get a better night’s sleep? Check out our sleep health and advice hub to learn more.


06 Sep 2019
I have done some research and the woolroom have their wool bleached. They say this needs to be done to ensure the wool does not become damaged or 'felt'. I wondered why all companies do not adopt this policy. What is your reason for not bleaching the wool? I am confused and do not know how to invest in a new duvet.
Woolroom's Customer Care Team We do not bleech as such we use a chlorine wash solution (less that you find in a glass of tap water) and we do this to ensure the barbs on the wool are removed to allow the bedding to be machine washable. The wool is washed 3 rinsed 3 times before being used to remove any excess and this has all tested to OKEOTEX standards and is safe for everyone to use including babies. We have also had our products tested for chemical off gassing and they have all come back with no traces of harfull VOC's

Most supplier in the UK use just washed wool which means they can not give a machine washable product as the wool inside will felt with washing.

23 Jan 2016
Excellent products I have Duvet Topper and Pillows and they do all the things it says on the tin I will invest in a mattress when I can afford it.
Woolroom's Customer Care Team Thank you for taking the time to leave us this review, Richard. It's much appreciated.

Don't hesitate to give us a call if you need help when shopping for your mattress :)

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