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Why Linen Bedding?

If you’ve always used cotton bedding, then you may be asking, why linen bedding? Our linen bed sheets are expertly handcrafted in Portugal and are exclusive to Woolroom only. Linen possesses unique moisture absorbance and evaporative qualities, making it the perfect choice of bedding for those who sweat or run warm at night.

Plus, our linen duvet covers, pillows and sheets are 100% hypoallergenic, anti-bacterial and oh-so soft. If you suffer with skin issues, then you’ll no longer have to choose between comfort and style. With our natural linen bedding, you can snuggle up in cosy sheets that will protect and care for your skin. And they’ll look gorgeous in your bedroom.

How To Wash Linen Bedding

Our linen sheets are hardy and simple to look after. To keep your sheets super soft and cosy, we recommend a cool wash, at either 30 or 40 degrees. You can wash Mariana bedding at higher temperatures; however, it will become stiffer when dried. Make sure to use your favourite fabric softener so you can keep that freshness for longer. To dry your linen bedding, either line dry or tumble dry on a cooler temperature. And of course, you don’t need to iron our linen bed sheets.

Recreate hotel-style bedding in your home with our linen bed sheets

If you’re looking to recreate that hotel luxury, then look no further than our linen sheets. The Mariana collection comes in seven gorgeous colours – ivory, sand, sage, rose, cornflower, pebble and charcoal. And it’s not just a pretty face. Our cotton and linen blend bedding maximises airflow and breathability, meaning your skin will be wrapped in ultimate softness and cared for all evening. So, you can sink into ultimate bliss after a long day.

Turn your bedroom into a haven of bliss with our natural linen bedding and even cut down on household chores. Our linen sheets don’t need ironing due to their internal structure and have that chic loose, relaxed fit. With the addition of thicker flax fibres, our linen duvet covers will last longer than pure cotton. Plus, with use over time, the linen will only get softer and softer. Why not combine our linen bedding with a cosy wool duvet and wool pillows to have the perfect night’s sleep, every night?

Natural Linen Bedding That’s Good For The Environment

At Woolroom, we care deeply about the environment. That’s why we love wool so much: it’s a sustainable and renewable resource that produces beautifully soft and cosy wool bedding bundles. Our natural linen bedding is just as brilliant. It’s crafted from flax crop and organic cotton, and our linen bed sheets don’t let bacteria build up, so you can wave goodbye to pesky dust mites and other germs.

Browse our range of natural linen bedding online today and treat yourself to luxury.