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Wool Pillows

100% British and hypoallergenic pillows. All of our natural pillows are designed to deliver happier, healthier sleep. How? They keep you cool, comfortable and cosy, all in one. Choose from our standard tension Classic wool pillows, our adjustable tension Deluxe washable wool pillows, and our Luxury pillows that are both fully traceable and organic. Experience your best night’s sleep yet with a filled pillow from Woolroom.

Discover better sleep with a wool pillow

Are you having sleep troubles? You’re not alone. Discover a range of hypoallergenic pillows that help to keep you cool when it’s hot, and warm when it’s not – because your pillow is just as important for getting a good night’s sleep as your duvet and mattress. Wool pillows help you harness all the powers of this super-smart material to improve the quality of your sleep. Struggling to stay cool at night? Sleeping on a wool pillow will help to keep your body temperature down, and your comfort levels up. Often find that you just can’t keep warm? Wool pillows can help to keep you snug. That’s right, the breathable nature of this material allows it to do both at once – making it the best choice on your hunt for a natural pillow. What’s more, sleeping with wool bedding and a quality wool pillow can help you to gain up to 25% more deep regenerative sleep – helping you wake up feeling refreshed and ready for the new day.

If you’re looking for a natural sleep solution that also offers a luxurious, “night-in-the-hotel” experience, you’ve come to the right place. Here at Woolroom, we put all of our efforts into creating 100% British wool pillows that are available in standard and king sizes. They’re also the perfect partner to our selection of luxury wool duvets, creating an all-round, cosy experience.

Allergy UK approved hypoallergenic pillows

Looking for hypoallergenic pillows to help fend off those pesky allergies? Don’t let a blocked nose or itchy skin interrupt your slumber. Thanks to wool’s natural ability to resist dust mite allergens, mould and fungus, we’ve created a selection of hypoallergenic pillows that have been approved by Allergy UK. You can sleep tight whether you’re an allergy sufferer, asthmatic, or simply like to know that your bedding is comfy and clean – it’s enough to dream about.

What’s more, our Deluxe wool pillows are completely adjustable, meaning you can tailor your pillow to your preference. Whether it’s too firm or too soft, you too can find your “just-right” pillow.

100% organic, traceable wool pillows

Looking for an even more sumptuous wool-filled pillow? Our Luxury, 100% organic, traceable British wool pillows offer a high-quality solution to a better night’s sleep. Free from synthetics and entirely natural, our Luxury range of bedding can be traced right back to the farm that it came from. With our Luxury organic pillows, it’s guaranteed that the wool is produced from a flock of happy sheep that are well-nurtured and cared for, making them the perfect choice for both you and the planet.

Choose wool for a natural pillow that keeps you cool at night

There’s nothing worse than waking feeling hot and clammy in the night – trust us, we know. The good news? If you’re looking for the perfect cooling pillows, here is the best place to be. There are a lot of common misconceptions about wool. It’s itchy, it smells, it’s too hot… But the secret is, wool naturally regulates temperature and draws moisture away from the body, keeping you none the wiser of the temperature outside of your cosy bed. So, if you’re looking for the best cooling pillows, our Classic, Deluxe and Luxury British wool pillows provide a great selection.

Find the perfect wool-filled pillows for your sleep

Are you after washable wool pillows for a cleaner sleep environment? Or perhaps you’re looking for luxury pillows for that sought-after hotel experience? Choose from our selection of British wool pillows to find your perfect fit:

Classic Wool Pillows: Made from 100% British wool, our Classic range of hypoallergenic pillows brings you the benefits of wool bedding at great value prices.

Deluxe Wool Pillows: Made from 100% traceable British wool and Allergy UK approved. What’s more, our Deluxe Wool Pillows are filled with wool balls that allow you to adjust the firmness of the pillow by adding or removing the stuffing – so you can customise your sleep experience to your comfort needs. They’re also completely machine washable. King size natural pillows are also available in this range.

Luxury Pillows: Our luxury filled pillows are made from completely organic, traceable British wool and finished with a 300 thread count organic cotton fabric for the ultimate natural sleep environment. Marked with the Allergy UK seal of approval and entirely free from chemicals and synthetics, our GOTS certified, Luxury organic pillows come in a range of sizes to provide you with the most comfortable sleep.

Why wool pillows are better than goose down

Trying to decide between goose down or wool pillows? There are many reasons to choose wool-filled pillows over other options. Just like goose down, wool pillows are soft and supportive – but they’re also sustainable, breathable and give you all the moisture-controlling benefits of wool. What more could you need? Best of all, our natural pillows are made in a friendly, sustainable way that doesn’t hurt the sheep.

Traceable British wool pillows from Woolroom offer complete transparency on the source of your bedding, from farm gate to shop front – providing source integrity and showcasing positive animal welfare. With us, you know that your wool pillows are sourced from happy, healthy sheep. Sheep usually get sheared once a year when the warmer months arrive, a bit like ditching your winter jacket until the colder months come around again. So next time you see one, give it a wave – it might have provided the filling for your super comfy, hypoallergenic pillow!

Browse our full range and buy your wool pillows online today, to help you on your journey towards better sleep.