How To Create An Organic Bedroom

Wondering how to create an ideal atmosphere in your bedroom that allows you to sleep soundly and comfortably?

We’ve compiled our top tips so that you can make your bedroom eco-friendly and free of any chemicals. Discover which non-toxic bedding you should choose, and find out how to keep the air in your bedroom clean.

Indoor air pollutants can affect your overall health, which means it can have an impact on your sleep, because your body is working extra hard whilst sleeping to get rid of any toxins from the day.

So how can you make life easier, sleep healthier, and your bedroom non-toxic? Take a look at our top tips.

3 Steps to create your organic bedroom


1. Find air purifying plants for your bedroom

Ever wondered, are plants good for your bedroom? Yep – they cleverly exchange the toxins in the air by trapping them in their leaves, soil and roots. The snake plant is one of the most common and best air purifying plants for bedrooms you can find because it emits oxygen, and takes in carbon dioxide as well as some nasty household toxins like benzene and formaldehyde.

It’s a good idea to choose a plant with a bigger surface area because it will be able to remove more of the toxins, making your bedroom even more chemical free. For maximum air purification, remember to wipe the leaves of your plant every week or so to make sure that the plant can effectively cleanse the air.

2. Opt for non-toxic bedding

What does non-toxic bedding mean? It refers to organic bedding that’s not been made with any chemical treatment or any synthetics. At Woolroom, we’re firm believers in the nature of wool bedding. It’s all natural, chemical-free and temperature regulating. With wool bedding, you’ll also be able to reduce the number of VOCs, or volatile organic compounds, in the air too.

Giving your bedroom a makeover? Use the right paint to brush up your interior. You won’t be stuck for options, with brands like Ecos Paint, offering paints with reduced VOCs to add some fresh décor to your space.

3. Avoid synthetic carpet

It’s a big question: Synthetic or wool carpet?

If you’ve ever noticed that fresh, new carpet smell, that comes from synthetic carpeting. Although it can often be the cheaper option, it can impact the air quality when it releases VOCs, when it’s first installed. Instead, decorate with chemical free furnishings by choosing hardwood flooring or a natural wool carpet.

Not only would the temperature-regulating benefits of wool keep your carpet warm when it’s cold and cooler when it’s hot, but it’s organic. That means a wool carpet hasn’t been made from any chemicals or unnatural substances, so you’re breathing in fresher, cleaner air and sleeping like a baby.

Those are our tips on how to create your ideal organic bedroom, reducing the chemicals and giving you a healthier night’s sleep. Want to delve deeper in the concept of non-toxic bedding? Read five reasons why you should switch to chemical free bedding.

Why not use some of our organic bedroom ideas and make your first step to a bedroom that’s chemical free? Head over to our organic comforters – look out for our luxury range to find premium bedding made lovingly without a single chemical.

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