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Anti-Allergy Double Mattresses Made With Wool

Looking for an anti-allergy double mattress that helps soothe your night time allergy symptoms? All our wool mattresses contain purely natural fillings that create a dry environment that deters dust mites.

Plus, with our hypoallergenic double mattresses, it’s guaranteed that you won’t find any chemicals lurking inside. And the best thing about our anti-allergy double mattresses is that they’re 99.9% dust mite free, making them perfect for those who find their allergies bother them particularly at night.

Hypoallergenic double mattresses AND luxurious comfort

Not only are they perfect for allergy sufferers, our anti-allergy double mattresses are also made with a luxuriously calm night’s sleep in mind. We use wool because it’s been proven that it can, in fact, improve the quality of your sleep. Its natural properties enhance the amount of regenerative sleep that you get each night, leaving you feeling more refreshed when you wake.

Find your ideal anti-allergy double mattress with Woolroom

Find the best anti-allergy mattress for you with our range of wool mattresses. They’re available in three different ranges:
  • Classic: Our entry level range of anti-allergy mattresses that give you all the hypoallergenic properties to soothe your allergies, with standard pocket springs at great value prices.
  • Deluxe: This range is available in a variety of tensions and feature revolution pocket springs and HD springs for support and comfort. Plus, they’re made from British wool and eco-friendly hempure.
  • Luxury: Handcrafted anti-allergy mattresses made with British wool, cashmere, cotton, mohair and hempure. Our luxury range also features revolution pocket springs, HD mini springs and luxury HD mini springs for a truly decadent night’s sleep.
Order anti-allergy double mattress are available for delivery in 3-5 working days. Just make sure you check the stock of your chosen mattress before you checkout to avoid disappointment.