7 Top Tips to Choosing the Right Mattress for You

Buying a mattress is a big investment – after all you spend a third of your life sleeping, therefore it is imperative you find a mattress that is just right for you. At Woolroom we understand the importance of choosing the right mattress, so we’ve got 7 top tips to ensure you get it right first time round

1. Spend your maximum budget and don’t compromise

Financial constraints often determine how much we spend but we’ll often stretch for something we really want. What value do we put on waking up refreshed to face the day? £1000 over ten years for two people is only 13.6 pennies per night, well worth it for a comfortable night’s sleep!

2. Always ask for advice and recommendations

Use the knowledge of the sales advisor in the store/online chat to ask all your questions, they are there to help and will guide you through the process from start to finish. All our staff here at Woolroom are highly trained and can genuinely help guide you to your perfect night’s sleep.


3. Choosing the right tension is key to comfort and support

Try to avoid a mattress too soft for you as this will cause your hips and shoulders to pinch in and the spine to curve downwards, putting pressure on joints and muscles which could lead to pain in the morning or throughout the night.

Try to avoid something too firm; a mattress which is firm puts unnecessary strain on your shoulder and hips and is unlikely to support the lumber region of the spine causing back pain or stiffness in those high-pressure areas.

The base the mattress is on will also affect the tension. Slatted bases will firm up a mattress significantly, so it is something to bear in mind when deciding on the tension to go for.

Our recommendations:

Soft Tension: Under 8 stone (50 kgs)
Regular Tension: 8-18 Stone (51-114 kgs)
Firm Tension: Above 18 Stone (115 kgs)


4. The base is more important than you might think

Consider changing your bed base, as a mattress is designed to contour to you, it will also contour to the base. Whilst it may look in good shape today, ask yourself if the base will last another ten years. An old base can ruin a new mattress very quickly. A wooden or metal slatted base will firm a mattress significantly, so it is always best to look for a sprung option if possible. It is recommended that the gap between the slats is no more than 7cm wide to ensure maximum performance of the mattress.

If you’re struggling to find a natural sprung base then why not have a look at our chemical free wool beds:


5. Head and neck support are also very important

Pick a new pillow at the same time, the position of the head and therefore the neck and spine are crucial in finding comfort.

With our wool pillows you’ll get the support needed for a great night’s sleep and the assurance you’re sleeping with only the most natural materials. Browse our wool pillows today:


6. Carefully consider the size of your mattress

The width and length of the mattress - carefully consider the size of the mattress. For example, if there are two people sharing the bed sleeping on a double is like sleeping on a cot mattress! Consider upgrading to a King-size which offers a little more width and also 10cm extra length-perfect for those who are perhaps a little taller!

Remember to match up your mattress protector/topper with the size of the bed, this will increase the life of your mattress by a couple of years. Always choose a wool protector/ topper to go over a natural mattress otherwise you won’t get the full benefits of a natural mattress. As an added bonus, with all woolroom mattresses purchased with a mattress protector/topper you qualify for our 100 Night Guarantee taking the risk out of buying.


7. Check the contents and filling of your mattress, always choose natural materials

Whilst some synthetic fibres and materials may generate comfort they can also lead to a significant reduction in breathability and heat regulation. We strongly recommend considering the inner materials within your mattress-natural fillings such as cotton, hemp and wool will breathe significantly better than polyester fibre, Polyurethane forma and Memory foam.

All synthetic mattresses will use some form of toxic fire-retardant spray. Does your mattress meet the British Standard (BS7177:2008) and is it labelled correctly? Have you considered how your mattress meets these standards-which chemicals it uses and the potential impact on your sleeping environment that these could have?

With woolroom you can be guaranteed that without the use of any chemicals or flame retardants (as we meet these standards naturally with a special blend of merino wool outer ticking that we’ve developed) you’ll be getting the most natural night’s sleep without the risk of any contact with synthetic fibres or toxic chemicals.

We know this because we’ve tested all of our mattresses and bedding at the University of Bangor for chemical off-gassing and we are very pleased to say they came back with less than 0.03% of chemical tracing (believed to be residue from plastic packaging used in storage and transit for protection). We did this not because we had to but because we care what you sleep on and under.

Now you’ve had the chance to read through our Top 7 Tips it’s now time to choose the perfect mattress for you. Browse our range of natural, chemical free mattresses:


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