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What is traceable wool?

With our ranges of traceable wool bedding, you can verify the origins of the wool, from the farm right through to your bedroom. As well as being especially comfy and luxuriously cosy, traceable wool bedding boasts all the natural assets that make wool the perfect environment for the perfect sleep. With product traceability, the movement of the wool is recorded from farm gate to shop front – showcasing positive animal welfare and providing sourcing integrity – meaning that you have full transparency on the source of your bedding.

For more information on traceability, head to our traceable wool hub.

Choose traceable wool bedding for your most luxurious snooze yet

Our Organic Washable, Chatsworth and Classic bedding ranges are all complete with wool traceability and filled with fibres sourced from happy, healthy sheep – but which one guarantees better sleep? The answer is them all. Product traceability is available with all three ranges, but which one is best for you? Here’s a rundown:
  • Classic Range: The introduction to wool bedding, our Classic range comes with all the benefits at an affordable price.
  • Chatsworth Range: The wool in our Chatsworth range is truly washable, without the use of chemicals but with all the quality that Woolroom bedding has to offer.
  • Organic Washable Range: Our Organic Washable traceable wool bedding offers the ultimate clean sleep with an 100% organic cotton outer and certified organic wool filling (GOTS certified).
So either way, you’re choosing healthier, happier sleep that’s better for you and the environment.

100% British organic wool bedding

Want to take your quality of sleep one step further? Take a look at our new Organic Washable traceable wool range, constructed using organic British wool fibres and 100% organic cotton fabric. It’s the ultimate natural sleep. But what does organic really mean? Our flocks of happy sheep are fed on organic pasture, meaning that the land was organically maintained for at least two years prior. Our sustainable bedding is then constructed using carded, traceable and organic British wool.

Create the ultimate sleep haven with an organic bedding bundle – complete with pillows, duvet and a topper or protector. Snuggle up at night knowing exactly where your bedding came from, comfortable in the knowledge that you’re not sharing a bed with any harsh chemicals.

Traceable wool bedding to wash at home

While our wool bedding is easy care and self-cleaning, our Chatsworth washable wool bedding range can be washed at home on a wool cycle with delicate wool detergent. Meaning that you can clean your traceable bedding without detracting from the wool fibres, and without losing any of the natural benefits. Just avoid the tumble dryer and leave it to air dry naturally!

Although it’s worth noting that our Classic bedding would need to be taken to a dry cleaners. For this, we highly recommend Johnson Cleaners, who have a fantastic, non-toxic service called Green Earth. Although airing it out will also do it the world of good.

Sleep easier with sustainable bedding

Happy, healthy sheep are nothing without caring, reliable farmers. And each of the farmers we work with adhere to the Five Freedoms, which means a better quality of life for our sheep. And what does that mean for your bedding? Better quality wool.

Like all of our bedding, traceable wool also comes with a whole host of benefits. It’s naturally thermo-regulating, meaning it keeps you warm when you’re cold and cool when you’re hot. That’s why sleeping with organic wool bedding is the smart choice, helping to make night sweats a thing of the past. It’s also hypoallergenic, naturally flame retardant and resistant to dust mites, mould and mildew. What more could you need?

Do right by the environment with product traceability

So why choose product traceability? Do better by you and the environment by opting for bedding that is eco-friendly, ethical and biodegradable.

Alternative bedding fibres, such as polyester, are huge contributors to climate change – and there is an increasing threat of non-ethical supply chains. That’s why we’re passionate about the materials used in both our products and our packaging. Wool is a natural, sustainable, renewable and biodegradable fibre - and now we’re making it traceable.

Discover your ultimate sleep sanctuary with our collection of traceable wool bedding.