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King size pillows made with wool

There’s nothing better than turning your pillow to find that perfectly cool spot. But with our range of king size cooling pillows, you may not have to. Our king size bed pillows have been carefully designed and filled with wool to help you get the healthiest night’s sleep possible. Unlike other common pillow fillings such as feather, down and synthetics, you’ll feel the difference immediately – a cooler, more comfortable night’s sleep.

The best king size pillows for hot sleepers

All our king size bed pillows have been filled with wool because of its temperature regulating properties. Unlike other fillings such as feather and synthetics that are solely insulators, wool fibres are thermo regulators that also have the ability to effectively wick away moisture. Smart stuff right?

This is an important factor to consider as we sleep because each of us will give off about half a litre of moisture each night, and often sleep problems are associated with being too hot or sweating exccessively. Our king size pillows work against this sleep problem, effectively absorbing moisture and releasing it into the atmosphere. This leaves you feeling cool, comfortable and supported throughout the night.

Hypoallergenic king size pillows

As wool is such an effective temperature regulator, it also keeps allergens at bay. If you find that your sleep is disturbed by dust mite allergies or asthma, a wool pillow could help ease your symptoms. How? Allergens such as dust mites, mold and spores tend to thrive in warm, damp environments. But wool effectively wicks moisture away, leaving you and your bedding cool and dry. It creates a cool, comfortable environment for you and a dry, uninhabitable environment for allergens. Win, win.

Adjustable king size pillows to suit you

Having trouble finding the right pillow height? We can help with that too. Take a look at the king size pillows in our Deluxe range. With a safety zip installed, you can adjust the tension of your pillow by either adding or removing the wool filling as you please. You can even freshen up the feeling of your pillow by pulling some of the clusters of wool apart to add air and plump up your king size bed pillow. It’s simple really.

Find king size cooling pillows with Woolroom and get the sleep you deserve.