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Luxury bed pillows for that 5 star feel

Our luxury pillows are specifically designed to provide you with the temperature-regulating benefits that all our wool pillows feature. But we’ve taken it one step further. With our luxury bed pillows you benefit from an organic blend of wool and alpaca fibres. Pure comfort. Plus it’s all wrapped up in our organic unbleached cotton for the most natural sleep experience possible.

We firmly believe that by using a unique blend of natural fibres in our pillows, you reap the benefits of wool’s natural ability to wick away moisture and desorb it into the air. That means a luxury pillow that not only offers you the support you need, but also encourages a heathier, more natural sleep environment. The blended pillow filling is designed to manage your body heat effectively so that you can sleep at just the right temperature.

Hypoallergenic luxury pillows

Struggle with common household allergies? According to Allergy UK, the British population “has some of the highest prevalence rates of allergic conditions in the world”, so you’re not alone!

One of the main culprits when it comes to everyday allergies is the dust mite. And unfortunately, thousands of them have a tendancy to make themselves comfortable in our pillows and bedding. But the exceptional thing about our luxury wool bedding is that it deters dust mites from setting up camp.


Wool is an excellent thermo-regulator. That means that it is breathable and able to effectively absorb and desorb moisture into the air. So our luxury pillows not only keep you cool and comfortable, they also stay clean and dry unlike other synthetic pillows which hold onto moisture. So dust mites don’t tend to stick around for long in our luxury pillows, as they tend to thrive in moist, warm places. In fact, our luxury pillows are so good at keeping pesky dust mites at a safe distance, that they’ve been given the stamp of approval by Allergy UK.

How to take care of your luxury pillows

One of the best things about our luxury wool neck pillows is the fact that they really don’t need to be cleaned very often. The natural self-regulating properties of wool mean that you’ll only need to air your pillows every so often. If you do want to freshen them up, you can machine wash the cotton outer cover, but the sealed pillow itself will need to be taken to the dry cleaners.