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The Wool Room Deluxe Mattress Topper voted ‘best on test’ – Daily Mail

The Wool Room Deluxe Mattress Topper voted ‘best on test’ – Daily Mail

The Wool Room Deluxe Mattress Topper has been featured in the British tabloid newspaper, the Daily Mail today. The article served to educate on the benefits of mattress toppers and highlights how they really can give you the perfect nights sleep.

Our Deluxe Mattress Topper was one of eight put to the test and the overall verdict, our mattress topper was the best on test – hurrah!

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Obviously we’re biased, but it’s easy to see why the mattress topper was rated 4.5/5. Like our entire Deluxe range, the topper features 100% hand-selected wool and is machine washable. What’s more, our bedding is the only natural bedding solution to hold the AllergyUK seal of approval and can help enhance your regenerative sleep by up to 25%!

The Verdict: Fantastic – Especially for allergy sufferers.

The full Daily Mail article can be found in today’s paper, or online here.


07 Dec 2016
I would like details about the daily mail mattress topper.
Woolroom's Customer Care Team Thanks for getting in touch, John. Please feel free to call us on 01780 461217 and we'll be happy to answer any questions you have. Alternatively, feel free to email us ( and we'll be happy to help.

Kind regards,

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